Craft-Revival Jewelers – Custom Creativity

Say hello to Craft-Revival Jewelers, home of all things bling and custom creation. They are no new kids on the Ionia block. This family owned premier jeweler has been crafting creative pieces in Downtown Grand Rapids since 2010. Brandon and Jayson Case are the father son duo behind Craft-Revival Jewelers. With 30 years of knowledge, they take pride in creating […]

Grand New: Parker Design Co – Backpack for the Modern Woman

Parker Design Co is new to the local scene and already turning heads with none other than the backpack. A handsfree way of living is not only trending on social media, but the motivation behind to Parker Design Co’s brand. Whether you are a self-proclaimed girl boss on the go, a busy working mom, or a jetsetter, this company has […]

Grand New: Nourish Your Curls Boutique

Calling all Naturalistas! Meet Kayon Tompkins, owner of Nourish Your Curls, a new natural hair boutique in Grand Rapids! Nourish Your Curls opened its doors on Friday, September 15th, which makes them GRAND NEW to the beauty scene in the city. Nourish Your Curls takes pride in being a one stop shop for all things healthy hair. Their aim is […]

Top 16 Activities to Try This Fall in Grand Rapids

 This post is sponsored by Greenridge Realty, West Michigan’s go-to organization for those looking to buy or sell. Have Real Estate questions? Contact Greenridge Realty. It’s officially fall y’all! If you’re a lover of crisp air, crunchy leaves, and all things pumpkin flavored, this list is for you. We are sharing 16 of our favorite fall activities to enjoy this season. 1. Download the Artprize […]

RC Caylan Atelier – High Fashion, Crafted Couture

Hand Crafted. Modern. Sophisticated. Allow us to introduce you to RC Caylan, an emerging high end fashion designer in Grand Rapids. RC Caylan Atelier’s intricate designs have graced the pages of Vogue magazine and walked the runways of Detroit, San Diego, San Francisco, and Rome. Caylan’s inspiration came from his grandmother, who was a seamstress for school teacher uniforms. A […]

4 Things You Need to Know About the Collectors Show

“You don’t need a high-end art education to appreciate art, our goal is to help people realize that they are born with everything they need to take the next step into collecting. Furthermore, flying to New York to have a high end cultural experience isn’t necessary when it’s accessible and happening right here in Grand Rapids.” – Tyler Loftis, curator […]

Grand New: Irie Kitchen

  “We Believe in using the finest ingredients, and creating the best for our customers. By conjoining various cultures, we can make a positive contribution to the mind, body and soul.” –Irie Kitchen Irie Kitchen is GRAND NEW to the local restaurant scene in Grand Rapids! They quietly opened their doors on July 24th, with an official Grand Opening on August […]

National Sunglasses Day: 7 Sunglass Trends for Summer

It’s National Sunglasses Day!  Our friends at RxOptical are here to teach you how to throw your best summertime shade in style. According to Anthony McConer, Manager and Coach at RxOptical Breton Village location, choosing the perfect frames is a defining moment for whoever wears them. With a major decision like that, it’s no wonder RxOptical is the expert. The […]

take 5: Latesha Lipscomb

Latesha Lipscomb Website | Facebook | Instagram Photo Credit: Micheal Jermaine How/why did you start blogging? I am an avid reader, a creative writer and a little bit of a drama queen, so blogging appealed to me because it gives me an opportunity to share my world with others on my own terms. In a previous life, I was the Trend […]

take 5: Care Monique McLean

take 5: Care Monique McLean Website | Facebook | Instagram How/Why did you start blogging? I started blogging on an honest whim. I have been consulting with people for years about fashion and style and had no idea this was something I was truly good at. I had the thought one day to begin to share my style with others […]