Grand New: Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery Moves to New Location in Ada Township


Those that are fans of the Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery are in for some good news. The brewery will be moving to a new, larger location in Ada Village on May 11, 2018. This will be part of the Ada Village redevelopment project, providing a sense of renewal to the community. Read on to find out more about what is planned for the new location.


The new space will integrate the spirit of the original location while offering a number of upgrades. Customers will immediately notice that the new brewery is larger than the last one, however, it will still provide the comfortable, neighborhood feel the original location offered.

The new bar will also offer 20 taps, meaning the brewery will offer mainstay selections as well as new and exciting varieties. Gravel Bottom also saw the new location opening as an opportunity to upgrade equipment including a new brite tank and 3 and 7 barrel jacketed fermenters which will enable brewers to experiment with temperature and larger batches.

Although the brewery will not be integrating its homebrew shop into the new location, it is offering meals designed by Chef Eric Benedict whose dishes will feature locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and include small plates. The brewery will also be acquiring a vintner’s license, allowing it to serve wines, meads and ciders in addition to its meals and brews.

Both the township and the business are sure the move will be a productive step forward. Ada Township supervisor, George Haga is looking forward to the positive impact the brewery will have on the transformation of the community while business owner Matt Michiels is excited to be part of the growing township.

The new brewery will be prominently and conveniently located on Ada Drive. Be sure to mark your calendars for the May 11th date. It will be exciting to visit the new Gravel Bottom and see how it contributes to the continuing development of Ada Township.

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