Grand New: Homebrew Creators Video Game Design Event


 Those who care about the youth of the Grand Rapids community and value the advances of technology in our society, should take a genuine interest in the upcoming 1st annual Grand Rapids Homebrew Creators Video Game Design Event. This is an event that is hosted by the Midwest Tech Project, aiming to familiarize attendees with the fundamentals of video game design. The event will take place on Saturday, March 3 from 8 AM to 1 PM at Start Garden.

The Midwest Tech Project is an organization whose mission is to provide inner-city children with the tools to become successful in the world of technology. Armed with the information that Grand Rapids is the second worst place for African Americans economically, MTP decided to take action. Realizing that technology is a growing industry, they feel that educating these children in this field, could open up job opportunities for them in the future, giving them the financial stability they need.

“Games are very much the future. They are an ever-evolving medium with an endless amount of potential and not just in a recreational form. Whether it’s education, simulation, or even physical therapy the different uses for games are endless. We want people to be aware of the fact that in the 21st Century games will absolutely be an integral part our society,” said director Jonathon Jelks

The event that is being held March 3 will specifically target the video game industry, offering guests an overview of what it takes to be successful in that field. The video game industry is growing, expanding to include games that educate and simulate reality. It is expected to provide a significant amount of job opportunities in the technology industry. For these reasons, it is obvious why MTP would create an event which is centered around game design, not to mention that there are many children who already have a genuine interest in the gaming field.

Those that are interested in attending the Video Game Design event should keep posted for registration details. These will be coming soon to the Facebook event page.

Those interested in enrolling their children in the Midwest Tech Project, can visit the website for enrollment information. Opportunities are currently limited to children attending 7th-9th grade who are enrolled in the Grand Rapids public school system. Mentorship positions are available as well.

Midwest Tech Project is a great organization with a passion for shaping the future of the Grand Rapids community. If you know anyone who could benefit from their services, feel encouraged to reach out so that children can get the help they need. Be sure to mark your calendars for their March 3 event!