Grandwich 2018 Winner Announced


Yesterday, the Grandwich judges took their stomachs on a tour of 10 tasty sandwiches to find the ultimate representation of Grand Rapids; between to pieces of “bread”. At each location, the judges’ based scores on taste, appearance, use of locally sourced ingredients, and more. From the top 10 to top 3, see how these sandwiches stacked up…

Top 10

And now, onto your Top 3 winners! Drum roll, puuulease….

#3 Grain – “The Local BLT” 

#2 Brick and Porter – “Chicken Popper Bomb”

and your Grandwich winner is…

#1 City Built – “The Jibarito”

“A Jibarito is a traditional PR (Puerto Rican) sandwich. Our Grandwich is served on a crispy plantain bun and filled with Flank steak, lettuce, tomato, and garlic mayu catchu sauce.” ~Edwin Collazo, President/Partner of City Built Brewing Company

Photos by Grandwich and Jon Wilson.

Did get to try’em? Check with each restaurant to see if their unique Grandwich submission is still on the menu and take to social media to tell us which one you think should have been deemed THE Grand Rapids Sandwich! Use #grnow to tag us. 

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