Grand Rapids Coffee Week

GRNow presents: Grand Rapids Coffee Week

Beer City turns Brew City

Monday, September 24th – Sunday, September 30th | National Coffee Day is Saturday, September 29th

GRNow will be celebrating National Coffee Day but for a whole week! We will be featuring coffee shops, local places to get coffee infused food/treats, and offering a purchased ticket to sample over 16 local coffee shop locations all Coffee Week. Since it’s ArtPrize during the same time, many of the coffee shops will have artwork up to view. So grab a coffee beverage and see what all the buzz is about!


Grand Rapids Coffee Week | Buy Tickets

USE CODE: CoffeeWeek616 to receive $10 off per ticket


Either head to local coffee shops yourself for deals and limited time beverages OR buy a #GRCoffeeWeek ticket to receive samples from 13+ locations.

1.) Buy your ticket (ticket is good for the entire week of Monday, September 24th – Sunday, September 30th
2.) You will receive an email with how to obtain your punch card, when each coffee shop is open, what samples are offered, and directions to the coffee shop.
***Only 1 sample at each location is permitted during the entire event***
***Please note that the Sunday pass is reduced in cost to reflect the limited Sunday hours of participating coffee shops***

3.) You, along with your friends that have bought tickets, will go to as many shops as you’d like at your own pace throughout the week OR just one day – it’s up to you. Just show your purchase #GRCoffeeWeek punch card to each shop to receive your sample.
5.) Feel free to take your own car, bike, or just walk to most of the shops. The DASH runs close to many of the shops participating.

Students wishing to receive a student discounted ticket will be asked to present their student ID at the first coffee shop on their crawl.

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(1) 4oz sample of coffee or alternative beverages at all coffee shops participating. Offerings depend on each coffee shops so check the listings below.

An electronic map (for your phone) of all participating shops + punch card

A donation to Hearts of Hope

Participating Coffee Shops:  Check back to see our growing list!

About Hearts of Hope Dog Rescue

Hearts of Hope Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dog rescue located in Grand Rapids, MI. It was founded by Director, Janelle McFarlane November 23, 2011. Our rescue dogs are provided with the best possible vet care, a safe place to stay and the love they deserve. We do not have a shelter facility. Our volunteer foster homes take these wonderful dogs into their homes until we find their forever families.

Pet overpopulation is a global crisis. Our local animal shelters are full of wonderful dogs that just need more time and help finding the right home. Many of our dogs come from these local county shelters. Hearts of Hope strives to help as many dogs as possible. If we are able, we will help. We know we can’t save them all, but it matters to the ones we can save.

Questions? Contact or Facebook/Instagram message us at @GRNow 

Disclaimer: No refunds. GRCW happens rain, snow, or shine. Purchase of ticket assumes risk of caffeine intake.


Will there be a map? 

Yes! You will receive an email with a map a couple days before the event, way to track your coffee crawl, and how to win our prizes.

How do you track our samples? 

You will have a punch card that each location will punch. After you are done with sampling for the week you will leave the punch card at the last coffee shop. GRNow will be drawing winners from the punch cards to win concert tickets, giftcards, and of course, more coffee!

*What if I don’t like coffee? 

Well, it is #GRCoffeeWeek BUT some coffee shops will be offering alternative beverages – like homemade sodas, chai, and loose leaf teas. Please see above for the listing of what coffee shops offer what.  Our main focus is coffee so please plan your self-paced crawl accordingly.

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