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by Jeff Barrett

It came downtown and conquered. Rock The Rapids capped off its sixth and final night downtown with Ludacris and T-Pain. Though the quantity of the crowd didn't match Blake Shelton on Friday it provided a quality finale to a successful week.

T-Pain and Ludacris are household names but the audience was reminded of just how influential they have been over the past five years. Ludacris, halfway through his set, went through a bevy of #1 songs he helped gain for Taio Cruz, Enrique Iglesias, Usher, Fergie and more.

Always the entertainer, Ludacris worked the crowd much like he did in Muskegon last year. The show didn't change much, but why mess with a good thing? A master at introducing his songs, his best introduction may have been for his DJ. One of the most impressive five minutes of sampling and scratching ever seen in Grand Rapids causing jaws to drop. Not to be outdone he quickly asked the crowd "What's Your Fantasy?"

T-Pain was humorous and heartfelt on stage. At one point he even declared "I'm awesome and humble enough to admit it." "All I do Is Win" was the most popular song of the night. A DJ Khaled song on which both he and Ludacris guest, was performed by both men. Each time it caused the entire crowd to create a sea of hands going "down, up, down, up" and some to lose their voice trying to keep up with the lightning quick flow of Ludacris.

Side Note: Ludacris may have the most underrated flow of the past ten years. He's not Kanye West or Jay-Z but he produces hits and iconic one-liners.

Opening on the main stage, straight out of Rockford (As Aaron Ofseyer says), was Due Diligence. He and Zach Betts (DJ for Minor State) lit up the crowd to rave reviews from both the crowd and T-Pain's camp. Due Diligence never needs a large stage to make an impact but when given the opportunity, he and guests made the most of it. His humorous mix of vulgarity and life lessons continued to entertain.

Six days of music downtown ended the way it began with excitement and anticipation. Those who were in attendance and saw the crowds are eagerly anticipating how this will only grow in the coming years. A venue that can continually attract the best acts around is what Grand Rapids wants and what Grand Rapids now has. Grand Rapids can't be defined in 30 Minutes Or Less or in less than six words. It is defined by the grand moments that are created and supported by those who attend.

Jeff Barrett is an owner/founder of Status Creative, a brand awareness company located in GR. Photos by Paul Jendrasiak.


Published: August 14, 2011

Photos by Paul Jendrasiak:

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