Fist Pump it! It's Britney...B#&*^! E-mail
by Jennifer Pascua

Yes, I am a Britney fan. Yes, I know she's a trainwreck. Yes, I defend her like I would a best friend anytime a discussion comes up about how she is such a has-been. Yes, I still not-so-secretly wish that she would once again make a comeback like at MTV's VMAs back in 2000. I was hoping that "moment" would happen in Grand Rapids. But that was not to be.

The show started w/Jersey Shore's DJ Pauly D on stage spinning mixes. Now, Jersey Shore is a hot topic in the WZZM 13 Information Center. (After all, one of the show's biggest fans, morning producer Susie Fisher, admitted during an on-air segment with Free Beer & Hot Wings, "I love all things trashy!"). I must say the reality star had the Arena on its feet, doing the signature fist pump. My right arm is still sore. My friend Shannon Ball made a good point saying, "It would have been nice if he interacted a little more with the audience, or if he had dancers or something else to look at besides his DJ booth in the center of the huge stage." I wish that there was open room up front so people could have danced and turned the area into some kind of concert-goers mosh pit. That would've been great.

Then a countdown clock came up saying Brit-Brit wouldn't be on for 30+ minutes, which sent a large crowd out of the arena in attempt to kill some time. Since Van Andel Arena doesn't allow attendees to leave once they are in the building, people ended up hanging out in the smokers' section outside or paying way too much money for "It's T-Shirt Time" & "Femme Fatale" t-shirts. During the downtime, I warned my friend Jessica that she should expect more dancing and less "real" singing from Britney. A sidebar; another interesting observation, the number of really young kids in the audience was surprising. No judging, just an observation.

Finally at 9:30 p.m., Spears took to the stage.

Ahhh, what can I say so that it doesn't appear that I don't still love her? There was a lot of gorgeous "Britney B-roll" thanks to video montages throughout the show, fabulous hair flipping and hip swaying, talented backup dancers, and for being a Mom, she still has a rocking body!

But...she lacked the spark she had in concerts past. She didn't interact as much with the crowd as I've seen her do before. I think maybe she knew she was a Groupon deal and really didn't feel like performing. Maybe she didn't have her daily Starbucks fix. Whatever the reason, she was not the Britney Spears I once knew. Okay, technically I don't "know" her but having gone to her concerts before, I felt like we had a connection regardless of where my seats were!

And sadly...most importantly...coming from the person who can do the "Ooops I did it Again & I'm a Slave 4U" choreography in their sleep...I was saddened to watch her deteriorated and less-than-energetic dancing skills. I mean back in the day, she was almost as good as Miss Janet Jackson! (By the way, on the way home my friend Jessica texted me to say that Britney never did sing "Ooops I did it Again").

There were a lot of video montages for her to change during, even though I could've probably slipped in and out of clothing faster than her. But on a positive note, my friend Shannon did point out that even though she "was lacking the expected energy in most of her dance moves, she still managed to entertain. The visuals made the show and included a variety of props, awesome lights, fireworks, and wardrobe changes nearly every song. This kept my attention more so than Spears' voice."

I totally agree and still had a fabulous time, singing along with all the songs and dancing 'til I was forced to take off my shoes.

Yep, these blisters are all due to my love for Britney.

Jennifer Pascua is the Weekend Morning anchor and a multi-media journalist at WZZM13-TV. Photos by Paul Jendrasiak.


Published: August 19, 2011

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