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It's easy to find plenty of great ArtPrize entries while exploring well-known exhibition centers like the Grand Rapids Art Museum, The B.O.B. and the UICA. But what about those quality pieces tucked away at venues that are a bit off the beaten path? Here's a look at five hidden gems we've uncovered.


Artist: Molly Alicki Corriveau
Venue: Courtyard by Marriott
Location: 11 Monroe Ave NW

The three-dimensional ink on wood piece created by the Kendall College professor depicts an elderly man and woman peacefully napping on a park bench as a blackbird looks on. It takes a little navigating to find this installation. Once inside the lobby of the Courtyard by Marriott, take a right through the restaurant and follow the orange arrows to a side room where 'Sleepers' will be hanging to your left.

'Young Saints and Old Martyrs'

Artist: Adrian Waggoner
Venue: Open Concept Gallery
Location: 50 Louis St NW

The Salt Lake City-based artist offers up two larger murals placed face-to-face on the main floor of Open Concept. One painting contains seven young figures who represent the current generation. The other features four bearded men looking toward the heavens who represent old ideas from an older generation. Please note that this piece contains nudity.

'abraham, martin and john'

Artist: Sara Gauthier
Venue: Open Concept Gallery
Location: 50 Louis St NW

Open Concept is home to two gems this year; the second is a 10 ft x 18 ft large scale work of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy drawn in #2 pencil and white chalk. The artist from Petoskey has completed pieces in the past for the Detroit Red Wings and the Kennedy Family.


Artist: Matt Ardinger
Venue: Minty Keen
Location: 125 Ottawa Ave NW

The painting of a running rabbit by local illustrator Matt Ardinger looks as though it could've come out of a 1940s children's story book, which is a great fit at Minty Keen, a vintage retailer who specializes in the '30's, '40's and 50's.

'Rittenhouse Design'

Artist: Marlina Lies
Venue: Peaches Bed & Breakfast
Location: 29 Gay St SE

Created by Indianapolis-based artist Marlina Lies, the three-dimensional dress features dozens of individual hand-fired ceramic buttons to communicate the idea of translating fabric into clay. The dress is wearable, but not ideal, due to the weight.

Published: September 24, 2011
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