Kathleen Madigan at LaughFest - GRNow Details E-mail
by Chad Budja, GRNow details blogger

LaughFest brought Kathleen Madigan back to Grand Rapids for her second visit and once again this comedian with the Midwest mentality did not disappoint! Kathleen had plenty of material that was fresh and different from her appearance here at LaughFest last year. Just finishing a second USO tour overseas with fellow comedian Lewis Black, she had plenty of material to work with in sharing her life experiences with the audience.

Photos of Kathleen Madigan & Friends by Paul Jendrasiak

What many fans love is Kathleen’s ability to point out the absurd realizations in life situations that we all have experienced, such as her love of yoga pants (for taking a nap on the couch, not actually attending yoga class). And if you’ve ever vacationed on a cruise ship, a large section of her act was sure to keep you in stitches. Madigan also had a lot of retelling of her family get-together stories from this past Christmas, as she is one of 7 kids and their parents are getting “older and crazier” in their retirement.

Even with the inclement weather outside, Fountain Street Church and the comedians performing inside continued on the LaughFest theme of supporting the Grand Rapids Community and Gilda’s Club through warm, feel-good laughter with friends. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine, but sharing that energy of positive attitude and humor with each other throughout our city makes it that much more healthy.

We hope to see you again next year, Kathleen Madigan, helping the healing through another LaughFest.

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