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by Chad Buczkowski, GRNow details blogger

With the unseasonably warm March we’ve been experiencing here in West Michigan everyone is scrambling to unpack their summer clothes sooner than expected. This gave Bodies of Art a great reason to provide us all with fashion inspiration and new looks at their 8th annual fashion show this past Friday, March 23rd at the Goei Center.

Photos of Bodies of Art by Sasha Wolff

This year’s theme was “Forest Floor” and it was a stunning show to behold. Split into 2 halves, the designers in the first portion of the program used the theme of ‘Dawn in the Forest’ to provide clothes that portrayed a whimsical positivity. Natural materials and light knits in beige, mint green, and accents of pelts gave the garments an ease of movement and portrayed beautiful wearable shapes. One of the more unique and fashion forward outfits incorporated fur and streamer cuffs at the elbows. Another piece, a skirt repurposed from a button-down shirt, created unique seams but also forced the audience to rethink sustainable reuses of old garments (not to mention the context of greater personal responsibility regarding the ecosystem).

The second half of the show really portrayed a ‘Savage Garden’ concept. It was a gothic-tinged presentation. The severe pinning and tucking of the garments, the aggressive nature of the fabric treatment did an excellent job of conveying the eerie allure of nature after dark. Many looks were presented in these approximately 16 exits, from formal dresses to corset-and-tights combinations, this time with strong black and rich emerald tones.

This Kendall/GVSU collaboration was a wonderful feature of creative student designers that managed to entertain and inspire. Be sure to put this event on your calendar for next year. With fantastic creative design and slick set production, tickets and seating space will only become more limited!

Published March 26, 2012
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