Changes in Store for Lucky's Residential Building E-mail
Redevelopment is being planned for The Lucky's Residential Building located at 24 S. Division (aka McGregor Building). The structure is currently vacant, except for Lucky's Convenience Store. A developer is planning to change that by converting the upper floors into 6 market-rate studio apartments and restoring the historic facade.

Complete memo:

Sheba Chana, LLC requests a $47,250 BRIP grant to assist in the renovation of the McGregor Building at 24 South Division Avenue. Built in 1894 as the McGregor Dye House, the McGregor family operated a small commercial business out of the first floor of the building and lived in the upper floors until 1935. Since that time a number of small businesses have occupied the building. Today, the building is home to just a single business, Lucky’s Convenient Store. Lucky’s Convenient Store operates out of the ground floor of the building, but sits mostly vacant.

The applicant is proposing a mixed-use development, with a commercial use on the ground floor and residential on the upper floors of the building. Lucky’s Convenient Store would continue to operate out of the ground floor of the building, but the upper floors would be converted into 6 market-rate studio apartments. As a part of the renovation project, the applicant is proposing a historic restoration to the storefront.

The applicant is proposing to use the grant proceeds to assist with providing barrier free access on the upper floors of the building, improving the façade, installing a new fire suppression system, and a fire rated stair tower. Because the building sits in the Heartside Historical District, any improvements made to the façade must first be approved by the Grand Rapids Historic Preservation Commission. The total project cost is estimated to be $312,725.



Published June 15, 2012
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