GRNow Review: Green Day Tribute Show E-mail
by LeAnn Secord

IMG_0539 “Do you have the time, to listen to me whine….”

… about how awesome the Green Day Tribute Show (Round 2) was!?! On August 17, 2012, The Pyramid Scheme hosted members of Mustard Plug, North Lincoln, Charles the Osprey, Ozenza, Low Cloud, Bitters, DGR/DWN, Shores, and Apostles as they played tribute to the iconic punk band, Green Day and played the albums Kerplunk (1992), Dookie (1994), and Insomniac (1995) each in their entirety from start to finish. A year ago, these same local musicians got together for two sold out Green Day Tribute shows at Juke’s and had a blast. It was such a great time they decided to do it again! The Pyramid Scheme was happy to oblige, offering a larger venue to accommodate a larger audience.

On Friday, this all-ages show once again brought together fans old and young and everything in between in beautiful punk-rock reverence. With plenty of Black Label beer on hand, the first amalgamation of a band took the stage, fronted by Kevin Nunn from the Shores, and delved right in to “2,000 Light Years Away.” Seamlessly, they soared through almost every song from the Kerplunk album leaving the growing audience wanting more as the first set concluded (saving “Welcome to Paradise” for the Dookie set and sadly leaving out the cover of “My Generation” from the Who).

IMG_0545 A quick set change and the next artists took the stage fronted by Mustard Plug lead singer, Colin Clive. Set two consisted of the mainstream hit album, Dookie. The crowd seemed far more engaged and familiar with this album and the energy level reflected this tenfold. Singing along to timeless staples, “Basket Case,” “Welcome to Paradise,” and “When I Come Around,” and all of the recognizable hits in between, this set was easily the crowd-favorite.

Band members from the other sets wanted in the hyped atmosphere and sporadically appeared on stage to provide vocal support. My photographer for the evening, Eric Essick, was even invited on stage to amp up the cover of “Sassafras Roots.” No stranger to the stage (former member of the local band The Shuvits), Eric certainly made the evening far more eventful for this reporter!

The energy carried over to the last set of the evening. Fronted by Josh Stacey, the last grouping of musicians tackled Green Day’s Insomniac album. The piles of empty Black Label cans continued to grow as members of the crowd attempted to create mosh pits and stage dive. Everyone was visibly having a wicked time.

IMG_0510 “Geek Stink Breath” and “Brain Stew” were the apparent crowd favorites during this set. As the group continued through the album, the audience grew increasingly rowdy and restless. Tossing empty cans, dollar bills, and articles of clothing onto the stage, the audience only fueled the energy of the band. This made the show’s conclusion all the more abrupt and the audience desperately calling for more.

These bands are creating a dynasty. Hopefully, there will be future rounds of tribute shows highlighting the many other albums Green Day has gifted the world. If you weren’t witness to the magic of last Friday, you missed out. Join me in hoping for future tribute shows by these enigmatic and talented groups!


Published: August 20, 2012




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