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Guide to East Grand Rapids

East Grand Rapids' early fame goes back to the late 19th century when it served as a popular summertime day trip destination for the residents of Grand Rapids. For decades, city dwellers took a streetcar down Wealthy SE to escape the heat and boredom of the urban neighborhoods for the chance to cool off and have some fun on the banks of Reeds Lake. Wealthy Street is still brick-covered today, a reminder of the tracks underneath. Ramona Park was the featured attraction of Reeds Lake, complete with an amusement park, wooden track rollercoaster, theatre pavillion and boating areas.

Today, Collins Park sits at the former location of Ramona Park and only one building from that era survives, currently occupied by Rose's, an award-winning Mediterranean and bistro restaurant overlooking the lake. A few blocks away in the historic Gaslight Village district, Jersey Junction Ice Cream Parlor lets you recount the glory of Ramona Park on walls lined with photos while you choose from 28 flavors of ice cream. Across the street, Big Bob's Pizza features some of the best pies in the area while Lebanese, Chinese, and Italian restaurants can be found just around the corner.

The Gaslight Village area will receive a major boost in 2006 when a new mixed-use development will be completed that is set to include high-end specialty shops and condos, perhaps enough to restore East Grand Rapids to its status of a popular day trip destination.


Big Bob's Pizza
Jersey Junction

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Collins Park
Manhattan Recreation Area
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C.A.R.E. Ballet

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