McFadden's Restaurant & Saloon

58 Ionia Ave SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: 616.454.9105
The casual New York-style Irish pub on Ionia offers a contemporary American menu along with two bars on the main floor, another bar on the second floor and the 3rd floor Pearl Room which is available for meetings, parties and special events. During the day and evening, the kitchen serves specialty burgers, salads, fish and chips, flatbread pizzas and a variety of sliders. After dinner, (especially on the weekends), McFadden's adds a live DJ and dancing and the bar becomes a nighttime hot spot especially popular with the college crowd.

Hours: Mon-Sunday: 11:30 a.m. - 2 a.m.

General price range: At lunch, specialty burgers are $5.95, most sandwiches and salads are around $9 and entrees average $11. Dinner pricing is similar and McFadden's has daily food and drink happy hour specials.

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Carryout available: Yes
Reservations accepted: Yes
Kids menu: Yes
Outdoor seating: No
Alcohol served: Yes
Banquet, meeting or rehearsal dinner facilities?: Yes
Allergy menu: No
Free on-site parking?: No

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Average Visitor Rating: 3.03 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 21
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Added: 2005-09-12 11:00:09
Last updated: 2010-03-09 15:11:46

Reviews (19)
Thanks Chef Ryan!
Reviewed by , 2012-05-17 08:31:39

What a great meal! The food was fantastic - you made our 25th anniversary dinner - one to remember!
We had the Mcfadden's Bistro Steak and Grilled Atlantic Salmon - the cilantro lime sauce great

Horrid Epitomy of a Bar
Reviewed by Ashley, 2011-03-04 00:03:09

Such terrible service and treated rudely, with absolutely no respect. The bouncer confiscated my ID. Heaven forbid you put on a little weight and make-up, your ID will be confiscated at this place. You will have to drive home without your license, which is a misdemeanor on your driving record. Never again will I spend my hard earned cash here.

need a good sports bar....
Reviewed by alwaysAlion, 2009-09-15 21:56:31

alright, i live downtown gr, and im not really into the whole club lifestyle that downtown gr provides... i am a huge sports fan, but it sucks having to drive to alpine to go to bdubs or something like that just cuz 1 dui is enough for me. but there was never anywhere to go downtown to get a good sports atmosphere. well i went to mcfaddens opening sunday and it was awesome. there were $2 draft beers and basically $3 for anything else. they had every single game on, and sound for the "big games" i heard that once the season really starts going they are going to start raffling off like grills and tickets and all sorts of things. slider eating contest the works. what i think a sports bar really should be! plus its walking distance of downtown. also the bartender working seemed to be pretty knowlegdible about football, which its always cool to be able to shoot the sh*t with the bartender... anyways overall a good time and i will for sure be back

Horrible embarassing experience
Reviewed by J Murdey, 2009-02-10 13:28:30

This bar embarassed and humiliated me this weekend. For some reason I was singled out and refused service for over half the night after arriving as part of a group that had made special arrangements to come to this bar on a bus from East Lansing. Due to arriving on a bus, I was unable to leave the bar, so I attempted to reason with the condescending and rude manager. Despite being unable to produce a staff member or specific incident that led to my being refused service, he continued to support it. I was NOT INTOXICATED at this time. The only thing I could think of was that I had accidentally knocked over an empty beer bottle with my elbow and then apologized and picked it up. So I guess I wouldn't go to this bar if you're not coordinated or if you ever accidentally bump things. I was treated at all times like a huge inconvenience and had to walk around on eggshells, afraid that I would be asked to leave for a similar arbitrary reason. I had a drink that I paid in the downstairs bar taken away in the upstairs bar and was never compensated. Also there was broken glass and vomit in the bathroom so apparently they do serve some of their customers well past the point of intoxication. Don't come to this bar, especially if you've paid to be part of a group and are basically trapped there.

Horrible Happy Hour
Reviewed by Not a fan of Mondays, 2009-01-12 19:58:05

A friend and I decided to try out McFaddens on a Monday night. We just wanted a place to have some cheap drinks and food on a Monday night and watch the game. We saw on this website 'Monday Fun Days.' We thought we should check it out. We inquired with the waiter about the Monday menu and were told there was not one. He said he didn't know what we meant but 'Monday Fun Day.' He said they just had 1/2 off all drinks. We inquired again that it was ALL drinks and he said yes. We just passed it off as a mistake on the website and went ahead and ordered our dinner. Later during a visit to the bathroom we found a large poster for 'Monday Fun Days.' We spoke to the manager and he only took off a few dollars on the appetizers which was nice based on the false advertising and lack of knowledge on the part of the waiter. The bill did include full price glasses of wine. Even though the waiter had said everything was half off he had not mentioned that it did not include that brand of wine. The manager did not care at this point. We paid our bills and left. It definitely was not a 'Monday Fun Day!'

Hilariously bad
Reviewed by Downtown T, 2008-11-08 18:33:48

Mcfaddens is by far the most obnoxious bar downtown. Their servers and bartenders try, but most appear to have no idea what they're doing. The door staff is borderline rude. The drinks are weak. The food is reasonably priced but pretty poor quality. I've heard it used to be ok, but something terrible must have happened, because now it is flat out awful. I'm not sure how it remains in business with the terrible service and atmosphere it presents, but volume has to be a large part of it...they do have some decent drink specials, so I find myself going back there occasionally only to flee minutes later.

What is going on?!?!
Reviewed by Hospitality Employee, 2008-07-15 14:07:40

So I have lived downtown for 6 years and spent the majority of time going to college and working in bars. I can totally see things from an establishment's point of view that the normal customer doesn't think about. But what is going on down there?!?! The place is just out of control (and not in a good fun way). The drinks have always been weak (cute 18 year olds should not be bartending on a busy night) and expensive, their dj has never been the greatest, and there has always been fights. But NOW the staff is unfriendly and the place is never clean. I used to just deal with it, but now there are so many other options. As I learned while working in the industry - take care of your customer or someone else will. Sorry McFads. Does changing a GM really effect a place THIS much?

Not an Irish Pub
Reviewed by McMillan, 2008-06-10 06:30:30

The only thing that makes this an Irish bar is it's name (Ok - maybe the food is Irish but I am not reviewing the restaurant). The whole "clampdown" at the door with the dress code enforcement and the unfriendly feel of the place is antithetical to anything Irish that I know of. The big city club attitude in this town (I grew up here) is a complete joke. The drinks are week and the clientèle bop up and down in unison to the mindless pop that blares way too loudly. A truly miserable time.

In defense of the dress code bull
Reviewed by Booyah, 2008-05-05 19:49:28

McFadden's may not been the most PC when it came to addressing your "exhuberant" clothing attire, but their not the only place with a dress code. You just happened to go to McFadden's, which really is a club and not a bar. If you went to any of the other clubs in Grand Rapids, you and your other friends may have been met with the same're not getting it. Monte's doesn't allow the same clothing attire, in addition to tennis shoes, work or timberland style boots, to name a few. If you go to The Bob and visit Crush or Eve, you're going to be met with the same story.

While Grand Rapids may not be a big city when it comes to club options, but it's trying. The clubs in GR tend to want the more "professional" attired client and less of the "urban" client. This is no differnent than many clubs you'd come across in Chicago, NYC, LA, and Vegas.

Dress Code Bull
Reviewed by Tory, 2008-03-14 14:24:23

Last weekend a group of over twenty of our friends from all over the US met up to go out for a friends birthday. We all arrived together and started filtering into the club when one of our friends (the only one who happened to NOT be white) was told he needed to "lift up his shirt and coat and turn around"....that's weird, no body else had to do that in order to enter the club. After he did so, the bouncer proceeded to tell him and I quote "the stitching on his jeans was too exuberant". We all thought he was kidding! He had on $150.00 jeans that were bad ass! After realizing that he WAS NOT joking, we were all dumbfounded. We explained that all 20 of us would leave taking with us our bull sh*t $5.00 cover for a second rate DJ plus all of our funds we were planning on spending to celebrate. After making us stand out in 10 degree weather for 20 minutes making a decision about our "EXUBERANTLY dressed friend", they refused. Needless to say we all left and WILL NEVER BE RETURNING AGAIN! If you do decide to go....make sure you don't dress too "EXUBERANTLY" . Apparently it AGAINST there dress code to look good when you go out to the bars.

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