Life On Union Ave 2

  • The Backyard
    It's been nice out the past couple days. For the first time Stuart has been able to explore the backyard. This is a new world for him, he was delighted.
    The whole family played out back, including Janna and Vivian. Needless to say, Vivian didn't have nearly as much fun as Stuart did.
    I suppose it was only a matter of time before Stuart found the dirty old wiffle ball the dogs have been playing with for the last year or so. Deirbhile very much wants Stuart to throw the ball to her.
    Give a little boy a ball and he's bound to throw it to his puppy. Stuart and Deirbhile had great fun playing fetch, although I'm not sure Stuart really caught on.
    Miss Vivian took in the show, she wasn't all that impressed. I can't blame her, the back yard is a mess. The dogs have ransacked the place.
    Seamus and Deirbhile were happy to have us as visitors to their backyard abode, but they were also very pleased to see us go. I'll be back though, we must get grass growing.

  • Minor Stuart And Vivian Events
    Stuart has been sleeping peacefully in his big boy bed since late December or early January. Here he is playing in his big boy bed, with Vivian attempting to sleep in the corner.
    Stuart loves Vivian and is prone towards random displays of affection such as this. We keep getting asked if Stuart has been jealous of Vivian. So far, he hasn't been at all. I think he's so young that he really can't remember a time without her and so she's just a normal part of his everyday routine.
    Stuart tries to be a big helper around the house. He has figured out that when Vivian fusses Mom or Dad puts her pacifier in her mouth and she stops fussing. The pacifier falls out once in awhile, causing Vivian to fuss again. Stuart has taken to grabbing the fallen out pacifier and stuffing it in Vivian's mouth. He hasn't yet figured out which way is the right way, but he gets points for trying.

    Vivian's standard expression seems to be one of annoyance. I think she gets that from Janna. I have yet to witness this child look at me with any look other than one of total disdain or general annoyance. We hope she grows out of it.
    Stuart has come to really enjoy going to Griffins games with his old man. We've gone to three games without the girls so far. He cheers all the big hits, throwing his hands up in the air and roaring. He sits in his own seat or on my lap and hasn't raised any fuss at all. He watches the players skate around and such, he seems very interested in what's going on. We're hardly jonesen for compliments but at Friday's game everyone around us complimented Stuart. One said he wanted to have a son as cute and well behaved as Stuart, another said he had an Aaron Downey quality to him. In other words, he thought Stuart would be a mucker and a fighter. Dad was well pleased. So was Mr. Seamus.

  • Dinner With Loretta
    Stuart is excited because Loretta is coming over for dinner. He also hears rumors we're making lamb.
    Vivian always looks so annoyed. The prospect of Loretta coming over doesn't change her expression at all.
    And here the lovely Miss Loretta makes her appearance to be fed. As you can see she only eats once a week. Eat, eat, you're getting to skinny!
    We had a lovely Irish Lamb Stew all cooked in one pot over the course of three and a half hours.
    The lamb, as you can see, was on the bone. I'm here to tell you it was falling off by the time we sat down to dinner. It was cooked perfectly. Such a good dinner.
    For desert we had Profiteroles with a lovely chocolate sauce made by Janna. Also very good.
    We always enjoy having Loretta over for dinner. Stuart seems well pleased to get to sit with her. Hopefully we can talk Loretta into coming back soon. After all, she needs to eat and Stuart wants someone to sit with.

  • Saturday At Home
    Stuart has decided that the new best game ever is to stand in the laundry basket. What exactly his purpose is hasn't been figured out yet but he seems to have a grand time.
    Vivian is down to one feeding at night. We're hopeful that at the end of next month she'll be sleeping through the night like her brother was at the same age. She's apparently growing like a weed, she's gained a pound since leaving the hospital.
    Getting Vivian to look at the camera is like pulling teeth. I've also noticed that she always seems to have a very annoyed look on her face. Clearly she thinks we're all idiots and that she's vastly superior in intellect. I wonder who she gets that from.
    Deirbhile just loves the new baby. While she hasn't adopted Vivian as her own as she did with Stuart, she is very sweet and gentle with her. She likes to sit in the nursery and keep tabs on everyone. She's a 25 pound gatekeeper I suppose.
    Not to be out done, Seamus continues to try to round up Janna every time Vivian starts crying. Apparently he believes that Janna can't hear the baby and so it's his duty to make sure she does something about the crying. You think by now Seamus would have figured out that the crying will either be attended to in Janna's good time or it will work itself out on its own. Ahh well, I suppose we shouldn't expect great understanding from a well meaning dog.

  • Random Things
    Stuart gets along well with Vivian. We are very pleased with this. He hasn't shown any signs of jealousy, at least not yet. We can only hope that continues.
    Seamus continues to be very concerned about the new baby. Like with Stuart, every time Vivian starts to cry he tries to round up Janna. If she doesn't come right away he sits by Vivian and glares at Janna when she finally comes in to deal with the baby. Seamus is the original attachment parent, reason enough to reject the philosophy.
    Yes, I admit I'm addicted to Gems TV. You wanna make something of it? In other news, Janna has lost 10 pounds off her pre-pregnancy weight.
    Seamus and Deirbhile have been stuck inside a lot because it's been very cold all winter. The result is that they've been absolutely wild for a couple of months. Here is a rare moment of absolute peace between the two. Savor it.
    And here we have Vivian sleeping, which she does a lot of. We are grateful to God for having blessed us with such nice children. It is our desire to raise these children for God's glory, we wouldn't have it any other way. How could we be so blessed and not glorify God?