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  • Looking Forward This Time
    I’ll try not to make this post about the things that have happened since I last posted like the birth of our first child and how magnificent it is to be a dad, selling our old house and moving into a new old (1919) house and all of the pains and pleasures it brings us, the purchase […]

  • iPad a Fresh Start / Allows for Innovation
    One of the things you realize over time as a software developer is that once you build a feature into a piece of software you can rarely ever take it out. The more people that use your software the more true this becomes. If you watch the following video you’ll notice that photoshop is providing […]

  • Life is not short but we make it so.
    It is not that we have so little time but that we lose so much. Life is long enough and our allotted portion generous enough for our most ambitious projects if we invest it all carefully. But when it is squandered through luxury and indifference, and spent for no good end, we realize it has […]

  • 1099 vs. W2 ? 7 Reasons to be an Independent Contractor
    There are two types of people in the workforce. Those who understand independent contracting and have seen the light of the 1099, and those who work directly for a company on a W-2. Most of the people in the second group are under the impression that their employer cares about them and that being an […]

  • Newsflash: Green != Liberal Hippy
    Contrary to popular belief, "Going Organic/Green" doesn’t actually mean becoming a hippy. Showers and regular haircuts are still welcome! Over the past year my wife has made some what I consider to be radical changes around our household that have impacted us and our surroundings in an very positive way. At first I rejected the […]