Healthcare Grand Rapids
Sharing my observations at the intersection of healthcare, marketing, and social media in West Michigan!

Healthcare Grand Rapids
  • What is Compelling Healthcare Marketing?
    Josh's post asks what good HC communications looks like using outdoor (billboard) media. I would ask what makes a compelling HC message that can be integrated across ALL channels? Any ideas?

  • Exceptional Service Inpires New Years Resolution
    Thanks to Dr. Brian Schneider of Schneider Family Chiropractic for inspiring my NewYear's Resolution for 2010: To better appreciate the people who make their living in service to others; and to more intentionally seek out opportunities to exceed the expectations of those who I serve.

  • The Greatest Obstacle in Driving Healthcare Reform
    We can have every physician, politician, economist, and MENSA Member in the country working full time on fixing the Healthcare conundrum, and we will never move off square one until we can convince the general public to take a personal interest in their own health.

  • Accessing Healthcare in Troubled Times
    A brief (and incomplete) list of resources for accessing primary healthcare services in Grand Rapids, without the need of health insurance.

  • It?s About Relationships Stupid (Don?t Throw Out Your Rolodex Just Yet)
    The Internet, regardless of your choice of platform, is still fundamentally a two-dimensional experience. Business meanwhile, still requires some amount of three-dimensional engagement.