• The Best Taco in Grand Rapids
    A former drive-thru on Division is now the home of the best taco in GR.

    My wife and I conducted our own little taco challenge this past Saturday by visiting 6 taco joints in the Grand Rapids area. All six are undeniably authentic and worth the side trip from one's suburban home. Of the six, Taqueria San Jose on Division avenue is the hands down favorite.

    Taqueria San Jose gives an ample amount of cilantro (versus lettuce). Its salsa and roasted pepper combination are deadly delicious. For $1.75, how can you go wrong?
    Menu at Taqueria San Jose
    The taco stand inside La Mexicana grocery store on Division
    La Mexicana Taco

    Best bang for your buck...Tacos El Cunado on Grandville
    Menu board at Tacos El Cunado
    The friendly taco chef at El Cunado
    Carne Asada taco at El Cunada
    $1 taco at Cancun on Grandville avenue

    You can't beat the price

    The very popular taco at Tacos El Caporal
    Tacos El Caporal on 28th Street in Wyoming
    Inside El Granjero on Bridge and Lane
    I love the burritos at El Granjero, however, the tacos are equally good.

  • Full Moon, Wild Mushroom Tea and a Man Named Bomba

    Bomba Shack in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, is home to insane Full Moon parties, wild mushroom tea, souvenir undergarments, an ever expanding array of hurricane memorabilia and the ever charismatic owner -  Bomba. I don't think I've ever been to a wilder Full Moon party in the world than this surfside shack. 

  • New York's The Great Performer
    Matthew Silver - NYC's The Great Performer
    Every New Yorker knows of Matthew Silver. Unlike Times Square's The Naked Cowboy, Matthew Silver is actually entertaining. He is a little bit on the whacko side - but in his body suit, pink bra, black fanny pack and pet plastic reindeer, his act is actually worth the few minutes of attention. 

    My daughter Margaux and I were in NYC to check out possible NYU dorms for her first year when we stumbled upon The Great Entertainer in Astor Place. Check him out next time you're in the city (he is normally in Union Square). To find out more, visit his website: Man In A White Dress.

  • 8 Reasons Why Grove Restaurant May Be Your Best Bet For Grand Rapids Restaurant Week
    #2 Parisian Gnocchi
    Grove restaurant continues to amaze me as one of the stellar restaurants in Grand Rapids. Fresh, Local, Colorful, Aromatic - all describes the tantalizing food here. And if those attributes are not enough to convince you to dine this here week - listen to this - Grove is offering a $25 three-course menu featuring its ENTIRE menu (except dessert) during Restaurant Week. Now that deserves my #1 Reason Why Grove Restaurant May Be Your Best Bet For

    GR's Restaurant Week 2012.

    # 3 S&S Liver with Brioche French Toast

    #4 Kimchee Stew

    #5 Lamb with French Onion Stew

    # 6 Heirloom Gazpacho

    #7 Very Crispy Otto's Chicken

    # 8 Sea Scallops

  • 28 Reasons Why LA's Abbot Kinney Rocks
    70's California Shop
    Here are 28 reasons to fall in love with Abbot Kinney Avenue between Venice Beach Blvd. and Westminster. From rad surf shops to sustainable eateries. From dark watering holes to al fresco beaneries. From Jack Spade to Japanese Garden Spades. Here's a half-a-mile of retail therapy worth the
    Farm-to-Table Counters
    Tucked Away Happy Hour Spots
    Onitsuka Tiger Displays

    Tempting Shops

    Open Doors
    Old School Bar
    Tempting Colors
    Garden of Eden
    Eye-Popping Buildings
    High End Gourmet
    Not your ordinary Men's Shop
    Colorful Bike Options
    Cafe Society
    Liquor Hideaways
    Al Fresco Dining
    Brick Art
    Outdoor Ping Pong
    Japanese Utensils
    Cali Billboards
    Ping Pong Stadiums
    Retro Albums
    Wood Fencing
    Mayan Finds
    Lifestyle Shops
    Fenced Galleries
    Pop Up Space
    Outdoor Living