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  • How to be in the know when it comes to Studio Jewel
    It's that time of year and I'm already feeling the pressure of Christmas. I love it. I hate it. I think I plan for it?mentally. Yet I never do. But really?YOU never want the same thing. So basically? It's your fault! Just being full out honest here! {wink}

    It is the time of year I travel from studio to kitchen to studio to bed, with an occasional bathroom break. One thing I'm exceedingly grateful for this year? My new studio! I don't have to go out in the frigid temps. I don't have to worry about floods. I don't have to battle swarms of flies or scurrying mice. It's perfection. 

    All of that being said means the blogging gets pushed to the wayside and the jewelry production goes wild! Bring on the fire!

    I do have some special offers coming up. For Black Friday and Cyber Monday and some one of a kind pieces that will be available to you!

    However, there is a catch. Catch is kinda a stupid word. Because I'm not trying to catch you or trick you. Really...I value you and the fact that you take the time to read my ramblings. And I value those who actually read my newsletter that goes out a few times a month. So I don't want to broadcast my specials for all to hear. I want them to be just that?special. For those of you who share my space and I consider friends. 

    In order to find out the details of what's happening you will need to subscribe to my newsletter. No gimmicks. No sales-y pitch. No?but wait?there's more. Just a private space to share.

    If you have not signed up yet?click here ----> HERE. If I knew how to make a flashy button I totally would?but alas, not my skill set! Or click the image right below this text. If you are new, you will even get a 25% off coupon to use on your first purchase. Not too shabby.
    Join me?
    This isn't a game for me. And if you know me at all, you totally understand. I like to think of it as if I had my own storefront in which you have to actually open the door and come in. It's like this:
    You see the warm glowing light in the store. You hear music playing. People laughing. The jewelry in the window is beautiful and fun. Nothing like you have seen before. You hesitate. But you decide to take your chances and walk inside. The vintage sleigh bells ring as you open the aqua turquoise wood door. Once inside your senses light up. Smells of coffee and cinnamon. The white twinkling lights strung from the branches above are so inviting. The golden retrievers look up attentively as you walk in, but they don't bother you?just wag their tails in welcome. The Christmas music plays in the background. The mannequins in the corner are dressed in colorful scarves and draped with necklaces. I put down my tools and walk up and introduce myself?offering you a coffee or hot chocolate. Then I leave you alone. To play. To touch. To try on. This is your space now.  I'm just grateful you decided to come in.
    That's my newsletter. Will you join me?


  • two ways to gift your pets a longer healthier life and how my pets saved me
    The last few years have been a flurry of unknowns. High highs. Low lows. Frustrations. Disappointments. What ifs? Trust me I am NOT discounting the joys and the blessings and the laughter. There have been plenty of moments bursting with happiness. But my Eeyore personality seems to teeter on the side of half empty. It's something I have to work on. It's something that will easily trigger bouts of depression, even desperation. I know it. Knowing helps. It gives me some power over it. It allows me to pull out my weaponry to fight it. 

    One of my weapons. My dogs.

    Some of you will think this is silly. Somebody will just get it. You might be ready to write me off as one of those crazy pet owners. But it's more than just being a dog lover. It's even hard to explain.

    Last Thanksgiving we lost our precious Maggie. Six years old. Sister of another litter to our older girl Selah. When she died in my arms it felt - to me - as if it was just one.more.thing. I know she is a dog. Not a human. Not a child. But she was a big part of our family. She and her big sister, saw me through a lot of dark days. I needed them as much as they needed me. My constant studio companions. My constant walk and run partners. My dependable friends.

    Maggie's death left a void. Not just in my heart, but in her big sister's heart as well. I watched as Selah mourned the loss of her little furry friend. She didn't eat. She would not leave me out of her sight. She had to be touching me at all times. It was heartbreaking.
    this was the week before she died. Selah always took care of her.
    I began thinking about a new puppy almost right away. For my sake and for Selah's. Too soon many thought. Too fast others said. But I knew it was right. That's when we found Willow.
    There is something that a dog adds to our lives that only people with pets can understand. They ask for little and give so much in return. They seem to know when we need them. They're soft and comforting. It's an unconditional friendship that I only wish we as people would understand and emulate. Feed them. Love them. Give them an occasional treats. That really is all they ask for.

    I need my girls. I need their companionship. I need to take care of them. I need a furry head on my lap. A paw on my knee. Sure. I loathe the hair. The muddy paws. But to me. It's worth it.

    Selah is 10, maybe 11 years old. She is slowing down. Not interested in food. Wants to run and walk with me but just can't keep up. Moaning and groaning as she gets up from the floor. Cysts around her eyes. I know she is aging. I know she won't live forever. But I want her to live out her remaining years happy and pain free.

    I turned to social media. To you. My friends. To ask for recommendations. Help. Cost is a factor so pricey drugs are just not an option. Two things suggested stuck with me. And I decided to give them a shot. If you are sick of reading about DOGS at this point. I understand. If you are a pet lover?stick with me. Life. Changing.

    The first thing I tried was adding Tumeric to her food. Why? No. I don't want her to like Thai food, although I'll admit I love the smell :) Simply said. It's an antioxidant. It totally goes after the aches and pains associated with arthritis and aging in general. AND?it supports both heart and liver health. Bonus? She LOVES it. As does Willow. Now suddenly I have a dog that is interested in eating for the first time in her life! I buy a huge 1 lb.  bag of it on Amazon. It's called Starwest Botanicals Organic Turmeric Root Powder - yup, that's my affiliate link. Remember. Pennies for Lisa.

    Second method. THIS BOOK! The Whole Pet Diet. This takes effort. And reading. But the first recommendation they make is a doggy oil potion. I created the oil mix (again, all the oils I purchased on Amazon) and within a week I saw a difference. Brighter eyes. Cysts almost gone. Shiny coat. And dare I say a "spring in her step"? Not kidding.

    The next step in the book is making doggy stew. Dude. I totally saw you roll your eyes! I cook all the time anyway. This is not a big deal for me. Now, I'm not gonna lie. I've only been feeding them the stew for a few days. I add the oil and the turmeric and they basically are BEGGING to eat. Not strange for Willow. Completely foreign for Selah.

    When I think that this maybe could have been the "cure" for Maggie last year it breaks my heart. But then I look in my Willow's eyes and I know she was meant to be here. In my home. In many ways she saved me?and Selah. And I'm committed to giving the both of them the best life possible.
    I realize this is a ridiculously long post about dogs. {snort} It makes me laugh just thinking about the time I devoted to writing and YOU devoted to reading. I can already feel the unsubscribes coming in. But I guess, when you are passionate about something?even if it is "just your pets" you do what it takes. And this "secret" is WAY TO GOOD to not share with you.

    If you want to know more?any questions really?feel free to ask. I'm just an email away! Now I'm off to feed my girls - they are giving me "that look".


  • 5 things you can do NOW to get ready for your holiday parties
    It's that time of year. Parties. Sometimes fancy. Often casual. Possibly acting as hostess. Either way. You want to present yourself the best that you can without much effort?right?

    Here are 5 things you can do RIGHT NOW to prepare for party season so YOU can be the belle of the ball!
    image from

    1. Cuticles. Maybe you don't have time for a manicure. Maybe, as in my case, it's just not worth it. But nice cuticles cover a multitude of problems. My favorite product? Burt's Bees Cuticle Creme Cheap and easy. The creme people. Geesh. Just put it in on your counter. When you pass by massage a bit into your cuticles. It smells divine! Then?a week down the road?you might even - dare I say - push back those cuticles? Trust me. Your hands will look a million times better reaching for the cocktail wieners!

    2. Water. Drink it. Lots of it. It is hands down the best thing for your skin. Dewy. Soft. Your heading into the kitchen anyway, make a deal with yourself. Put a glass on the counter and challenge yourself to guzzle down a glass every time you walk through. Yes, I know you will need to use the bathroom a lot. Totally worth it. One thing I have going for me? Good skin. I attribute 90% of that to the amount of water I drink. 5% to genetics. 5% to good product!
    image from
    3. Skin. Ok, you got the water thing down. Now let's add in the moisturizer. Sure I'm a fan of all those fun scented lotions out there?but they don't do JACK! Expensive lotions? Highly overrated. Tried and true fav? Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. No lanolin. No paraben. No fragrance. It just moisturizers and seals it in. Dude. It works. And did I mention a jar lasts forever? That's just a bonus.

    4. Hair. Now is the PERFECT time for an at home treatment for the tresses. I'll admit it sounds a bit like breakfast. But I like breakfast. However, I think I like breakfast because it usually involves bacon. And bacon and hair don't mix. Wait?eat bacon during the treatment. Problem solved. Oh right. The treatment. EGGS! Yep, eggs. Crack open as many as you need to coat your locks. Mix em up. And coat your DRY hair until it's a lovely eggy mess! Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Probably bending over a bath tub or kitchen sink unless you don't care about egg everywhere. Then rinse. With COLD water. Otherwise, you might cook the eggs. True story! If your hair is a bit more oily?use just the whites! Then shampoo and condition normally. This is the bomb for hair!

    5. Fitness. Ok, I know you hate to exercise. I hear it all the time. But a little toning goes a long way. Agreed? Here are 3, maybe 4, very very simple things you can do that WILL make a difference.

    • when you get out of the shower do as many squats as you can before you moisturize and get dressed. Trust me. There is nothing more motivating than naked squats!
    • sitting at your desk contract your abdominal muscles?tight?for 5-15 seconds. Release. Repeat. You'll remember me tomorrow when you feel the results. But keep going?
    • ready to climb into bed? Drop down and plank for as long as you can. Elbows are totally acceptable. Tighten up and hold that baby. Then flop into bed. You earned it.
    • feeling good about yourself on the floor? Flip over and crunch it baby. Don't pull on your neck. Slow it down. There you go! I'm so proud!!
    There you go. Five ways to prep for the holiday season. Once you take all this time to really care about you, you will feel so much better about yourself. And really? That's the key to looking your best. You will exude a much better vibe. I know this from personal experience. 

    Now?about that dress for the party. I better start searching.

    Let me know if you take me up on this pre holiday challenge. And of course, let me know if you have any questions or ideas of your own!

    love you to pieces,

  • when mom guilt rules the day
    Being a mom is a full time job. Being a "working outside the home" mom is a full-full time job. Both face the rolling tide of overwhelm. Each is a choice every woman has to make for herself?for her family. You know. And sometimes we just do what we have to do.

    But then. Occasionally. In a season of overwhelm. You question yourself. In a weak moment you glance on the other side of the fence. You see another moms Pinterest life and it looks enchanting.

    The mom who owns her own business and seems to have it all together. The mom who bakes fun treats with her small people, and then has time to frolic in the park. The mom who runs a Fortune 500 company and is extraordinarily brilliant. The mom with the blog and the speaking gigs who people look up to. The mom who has time to sew and play tennis and still be home when the kids exit the bus.

    Why are we so foolish? Why do we slam ourselves against her perceived perfection? Why do we feel the constant need to do all. Be all. Why?
    I stand back and read these words and with a humble, slightly embarrassed movement I raise my hand. Guilty. This is me. I too succumb to the game of mom comparison. The game where no one wins. Our self esteem takes a beating. And we emerge worse for the wear. Everyone loses.

    I've come to believe fall, yes the season, hates me. A season I have fervently loved. A season that I have looked forward to. The apples. The pumpkins. The strolls on sidewalks strewn with crunchy leaves. The smell of crispness. The boundless splendor of color the trees display as they shed their summer coats preparing for a winter blast. Fall.

    As I travel through time, fall has become a season where my depression gets a foothold on my soul and then begins its relentless threats. It attacks my self esteem. My well being. It creates doubt. It mixes its potion of discontent and then beings to stir?slowly.

    Maybe it's just too much change. Maybe it's the thought of the oncoming winter (which I loathe). Whatever it is. I am deep in the thick of it. And today. Today it's taking the form of mommy guilt.

    I have always worked full time. I have also been a full time mom.
    Blessed to own my own business and work from home.
    Torn to do both jobs well.

    I think as mothers we so desire the very best for our children we sometimes forget that it's ok to desire the very best for ourselves. We are the ultimate organizers and taxi service. And we beat ourselves up when KFC is the dinner of choice. Our counters are strewn with papers?coupons we intend to use?clippings from articles we resolve to read ?projects we plan to create?recipes we want to cook. Clutter. It sometimes fills our home. It often overtakes our minds.
    my dysfunctional family :)
    Sweet mama?whether you stay home?work from home?or work outside the home. I just want to tell you that I think you are amazing. I want to tell you it's ok. I want to give you a high five and a big hug. You are doing it. Somedays better than others.

    And I want to tell you to take care of you. It doesn't have to be a big thing - but it can be. From vacations to massages to cappuccino's to taking the day to organize a closet. We are so differently wired. Only you know what you need. But you do know. Don't you? And I promise you?you will be the better for it.

    Is this a post written to myself? Absolutely. It's like talking to yourself?but it's not quite as absurd. I'm having a rough time. I am torn between the have-to's and the want-to's. I can't ignore the have-to's, but I can step back and do a want-to here and there. Yesterday that involved a deep house cleaning. Today it means baking a ham. And yes, I'm fully aware of my strange "want-to's". It also involves a run with my dogs and taking time to express what I'm dealing with through my words. Here. In this space that is supposed to be oh so professional. Hey guess what? I'm not perfect. I do struggle. And sometimes my mental health rules over fashion! Sometimes :)

    Thank you for being here. For reading. For nodding your head and understanding. For hearing my words and acknowledging that it's ok and you are wonderful.
    I'm just so very grateful for you.


    p.s. if you didn't stop by yesterday?I'm giving away a bangle bracelet. Just leave a comment about you on THIS POST ----> click.

  • Random Musings. 25 things about me you never wanted to know!
    Twenty five things ABOUT ME that maybe you didn't know - or really want to know. But?I always think it's good to get to know each other better?right? But here's the deal?don't judge. I know I'm quirky! But quirky is endearing, right?

    How about this. YOU leave a comment and be entered to win a "fancy bangle bracelet". How's that? It's sort of a win win!

    • Name - Lisa Jan Lehmann
    • Location - Fort Wayne, IN (middle of no where!)
    • Hometown - Wyckoff, NJ (yes I'm a jersey girl?do you have a problem with that?)
    • Current Occupation - artist / goldsmith / jewelry maker
    • Past Occupation - graphic artist 
    • My style - Bohemian chic with an hint of understated classic
    • Typical "Uniform" - skinny jeans?boots?tank top?sweater
    • Favorite coffee - Americano - quad - topped with cold skim
    • Favorite food splurge - chocolate anything (too easy? 2nd favorite? donuts!)
    • Favorite splurge - boots (don't we know each other at all!)
    • Favorite music - I'm so eclectic, I really love so many kinds ? currently modern cello and strings.
    • ALWAYS in my kitchen - fruit / hummus / Pelegrino / avocados
    • Travel outside of the USA - Greece. Italy. Switzerland. Netherlands. Mexico.
    • Dream vacation - Tahiti.
    • Favorite weather - slightly overcast. warm breeze. 80?.
    • Pet Peeves - dirty microwaves. dishes in the sink. people who don't put their shopping carts away.
    • What makes me smile - a kind word. a warm hug. feeling loved. seeing my children laugh. puppy noses. elderly couples holding hands.
    • Favorite date - simple quiet restaurant. booth. glass of wine. "pretty" food. walk under the moon.
    • Cats or Dogs - DOGS! Golden Retrievers specifically?then horses!
    • Inspired by - sunrises and sunsets. mountains. leaves. pomegranates. ( I mean seriously?they are so cool!)
    • Obessions - tattoos. fitness. essential oils.
    • Quiet or Loud? always quiet.
    • Morning or Evening? evening.
    • Black or White? gray.
    • Peanuts or Popcorn. Peanuts.
    Now it's your turn. Tell me one of the above things about yourself! I'll pick someone on Friday, November 14.2014.