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  • When it's time to say enough. done. be still.
    It's morning. I gently awake from a unsettled sleep with the slightly irritating buzz on my wrist. My Fitbit telling me it is 6:15. Time to get up. I reach across the bed and touch my husbands arm. Sleeping. Finally. Since he was sick this summer sleep eludes him?restless?uncomfortable?in pain. It hurts my heart. He needs to sleep, so I quietly exit the bed, fumble for my sweats on the floor, and leave the room...silently closing the door behind me. Daughter number one is singing in the kitchen. Singing! At 6:15 AM. Who does that? Yet it causes me to smile. I am immediately greeted by wagging tails and cold noses?mama's up mama's up, maybe we will get food!

    I open the slider and let the furry girls out and the rush of cold air hits me, taking my breath away. Immediately I feel a sense of dread. Dread...because I know winter is coming. Dread...because I hate the cold. Dread...because my depression is always at its all time high in the colorless gray of winter. My feet are cold on the patio. Why didn't I grab my slippers?

    I start my morning routine. Coffee first. Dishwasher. Lunches. Vitamins. You know, mom stuff. But I feel a clinging heaviness in my heart today that I can't quite identify.

    I'm fully awake now. The bustle of the morning is a whirlwind of entertainment. So many personalities. So many hormones.

    I drive the girls to school today because I need the car. It's still dark. And cold. And foggy. It's doing nothing for my mood. But we chatter and we sing and we laugh...a little. They are truly my joy, sometimes more than others.

    I exit the school parking lot into the massive glitter of headlights streaming into the school. I begin to process today's blog post?an ask Lisa question. How do I get it all done?
    Funny. Today I can't seem to pull any of my thoughts together. I have no words. I have no humor. I don't even know where to start.
    I drive in silence watching the headlights. The sun begins to rise and even that doesn't get my attention today. Something is wrong.

    At my desk. Again I try to write. Nothing. I just feel empty. Void. I don't want to do anything. I don't want to pay attention to my to do list. I don't want to go to the studio. I don't want to write a blog post. I don't want to exercise. I.don'

    So I slump in my chair down to the floor. I crumble into a ball like a two year old without the tears and tantrum. What am I supposed to do next? Why are the have to's so important? Why do I never get to just do what I want? Me. Lisa Lehmann. Not Lisa the wife. Lisa the mom. Lisa the artist. Just Lisa. Me.

    Seconds later I'm surrounded. Wagging tails and wet noses. I'm on their level, therefore if I'm on the floor I must want to play. Somehow their invasion of my space with warm wriggling bodies is a comfort. I relax. Breathe out.

    I sit up and grab my second cup of coffee?or is it my third? Days like this might warrant an entire pot of the hot steaming liquid to keep me going. The introspective part of me wants to know why I'm feeling the way that I do. I can't seem to let it be? I need to know?identify...fix. I shake my head. Stubborn and stupid.

    I don't cry. There are no tears. Emotionless. And then it hits me. 
    I'm empty. Depleted.

    I just spent five days in Atlanta being the very best extrovert I could possibly be. I came home to the full demands of family and business and life and I charged into those demands head on. Fulfilling my responsibilities as a wife and mom and business owner. Adrenaline. Rush. Commitment.

    But THIS morning my body, my mind and my heart said?enough?done. Empty. Fill me. I'm not broken or defective. I'm just me. I'm an introvert that needs to have some time alone to recharge. Time to think and sit. Time to just be myself.

    It's taking me a long time to identify with who I am. And to realize this does not make me weak.

    So how do I get it all done? Sometimes it's by sitting back and getting nothing done at all. It's time for tea and a book. Maybe editing photos for fun. And braiding my hair. It's time to just be quiet. No music. No Podcasts. No sound.

    I took a personality test last night it nailed me to a "T" - ISFP. True artist. Introvert. Dreamer. I took comfort in knowing I had an identifiable personality. Comfort in knowing I'm not a misfit. Comfort in knowing in a few days I'll be just fine and ready for my next impersonation as an extrovert. The deception is real!

    If you need me today I'll be off in a corner somewhere?probably on my porch?maybe I'll finish working on my sharpie jeans?dreaming.


  • Who says black eyes aren't sexy? My new favorite thing...
    Evening routine. A few minutes of downtime. Maybe a glass of wine. Wash my face. Go to bed. But sometimes I get stuck on the "wash my face". It's like I know I should?but the makeup and the scrubbing. And sometimes it comes off, but sometimes it doesn't. And then I have that moment of, well, if I sleep on my back the make up won't rub off on my pillow and then maybe it will wash off in the shower. No. Seriously. I do talk to myself like that. Tell me you don't!

    And it's not that I wear a lot of makeup (see #7 on my "you might be an introvert" post) but I do wear eye liner and mascara. Every day. Don't judge. But dang?sometimes that stuff is stubborn. I've tried those makeup remover cloths and pads but it feels like an abrasive rub down on my eyes. No thank you.

    But Eureka. I've found it. Ok, Birchbox found it. But they sent it to me, so now I can claim it. Do you see what I love Birchbox so much. They find me goodies I would have never found on my own! Still haven't signed up?seriously?can we even be friends anymore? You don't listen to me anyway! Here's your link?. click here ? for Pete's sake - you WILL thank me later. Anyway, I digress?

    The bomb diggity product. Ok, I made another video - and it's equally as bad as last weeks PopSugar review video?and my friend Melanie is going to KILL me for using my iPhone vertical?and I promise I will never ever do it again?but for the sake of you loving the product?and not judging me?I am posting it anyway. I'm sorry Melanie!!!!! See for yourself why I am in love?.

    Here are the details:
    Cailyn Dizzolv'It
    $24 for 50ml but I think it will last forever.
    image form
    The reason I loved it so much?
    It did the job, and the residual washed off easily, no leftover ick. That simple.
    IT IS NOT GREASY. Like at all! 
    It really dissolves the makeup and left my skin feeling AWESOME! It's full of amazing stuff like papaya and aloe and calendula!

    I'm going to purchase a full size from the Birchbox site. But I'm sure you can find it elsewhere, like Amazon
    Treat yourself to some black eyes?as you can see?it's pretty sexy!


  • A little black, a touch of lace, a smidge of boots and a lot of sass - fall fashion
    There was a time when fall was my favorite season. And if I dig deep I may have a small part of myself that still believes it. But after a winter of sub zero temps and a horrific amount of "that white stuff" ( I can't even bear to say the word ) I'm just about done. Fall leads into winter. Winter is bad. Therefore fall can no longer be my favorite. 

    However, the siren call of boots and tights is loud, and I easily give in to the fashion that knows me so well. Obviously my resistance is low.

    I just returned last night from the amazing TypeA conference. Exhausted yet inspired. My mind is spinning with new ideas and possibilities. I even had the opportunity to speak about how to build a small business while competing with the big guys. And was the kick off for my fall wardrobe.

    Each day I MEANT to take photos of what I was wearing, but days were full - nights were busy, you know the drill. However, I did manage to coerce a couple friends to do some clicking.

    Day one was my presentation day. I wanted to look professional yet still be my typical artsy bohemian self. I'm fairly sure this will become a standby.

    photos courtesy of Carol Cain /
    Grey skirt - The Gap / Black lace shirt - FreePeople / Black booties - ShoeMint / jewelry my own Studio Jewel

    Saturday was a bit more chill - very much "me".
    photos by Maggie Sellers  /
    Skinny jeans - The Gap / Grey Tank - The Gap / Long sweater - FreePeople / 
    Hat - FreePeople / Booties - ShoeMint / jewelry

    Of COURSE all the jewelry is my own - I mean, did you really have to ask?

    Friday night was fancy dress night?did I mention how much I love to dress up?

    And Saturday night was a 90's party. Let's just say I went as a bit of Beverly Hills 90210 and a bit of Pretty Woman - before she {ahem} cleaned up. This is all you are getting. I will say it involved Doc Martens, a mini skirt and a crop top?and...Yup. Blonde. Don't ask!
    So today when I stepped outside and saw my breath I will admit?I did not sneer with disgust. I may have actually smirked?a little. It's fall. It's time. I have heard the siren's call, and I have acquiesced. Bring it.


  • Ten signs you may really be an introvert but PLAY an extrovert online.
    Are you an introvert? Do you pretend to be an extrovert in your online life. Here are ten ways to prove this might be true. 

    1. The most interaction you get with people during the day is through your Instagram and Facebook account.

    2. You begin to think LOL is really you laughing out loud...when all you ever do is type it. 

    3.  You think people in real life seem exceptionally small  compared to their profile pic.

    4. You agree to speak at a conference and then have a mini anxiety attack when you realize that's in front of a live audience.

    5. Your thoughts and life are much more vivid when written out in glorious sentences then spoken out loud.

    6. You find on Monday that you haven't left the house except to walk the dogs since Friday and you are totally ok with that.

    7. You get dressed and put on makeup even though the only humans you will see are the UPS guy and your family, because you MIGHT need to take a selfie.

    8.  People can't wait to meet you "in real life" and the sheer thought of that causes you to panic.

    9. When the phone RINGS you stare at it. When it DINGS you run to pick it up and check.

    10.  Your 83 year old mother has to take up texting just to communicate with you.

    This is just a list based on my "research" it truly has no bearing on my actual life. Really. I mean it.

    It just so happens I'm on a plane on my way to Atlanta for Type-A Con, where I'm speaking. Coincidence. Totally.
    ** confession **


  • POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription Box Review ? Fall 2014 my favorite thing
    I HAVE to share this box with you! Have to! Like I'm totally over the moon about it?and my kids will tell you?I rarely get excited about anything! True story.

    Here's the deal. I'm obsessed with subscription boxes. I get quite a few. I might have a problem. However, I've only ever told you about one?my precious Birchbox. Why? Because I totally believe in it. Wait?you don't get Birchbox yet, here's my referral link?you're welcome. The other boxes I subscribe to? I'm not so sure. Not sure I've wanted to recommend that you spend your hard earned cash. But this box? Save your pennies?it ain't cheap?but darlin? It was like Christmas, or my Birthday, or just THE BEST DAY EVER.
    Here is my horrid video. I had to use my phone, since a certain teenager took my camera lens {ahem}. And true, she didn't know I was going to take a video today, I mean really?I didn't know either?but it's my lens!! *rant over*. Watch the crummy video?and read the details below. You want to. Trust me. Would I ever lead you astray? On purpose? NEVER!

    ( YouTube link click here ---> )

    First off, I was wrong. There. I admit it. I guess my first PopSugar box came last month NOT 3 months ago. Did I mention I get quite a few boxes. So needless to say. It's monthly. I purchased a 3 month deal (that's where the 3 came from) to give the box a fair shot. I loved last months too - it was just "crazy time" and I forgot all about it!

    The box: PopSugar
    Cost: $39.95 a month
    What's inside: must have's - fitness, food, fashion, beauty, home. 

    How do I get my own?
    Click on this link to sign up --->
    Here's a discount code for $5 off your first box: REFER5

    Final say. 
    Get the box. If you can afford it. For $40 I easily received at LEAST $125 worth of goodies. I also think a 3 month subscription would make the best Christmas gift ever! Just a thought.

    If you use my link I get referral points. Once you sign up and share YOUR link YOU get referral points. It's a share the love kind of deal.

    Tell me what you loved in MY box?and if you think you need your own. Now shoo. I have better videos to make. Meaning I have a teenager to hunt down!