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  • Ten signs you may really be an introvert but PLAY an extrovert online.
    Are you an introvert? Do you pretend to be an extrovert in your online life. Here are ten ways to prove this might be true. 

    1. The most interaction you get with people during the day is through your Instagram and Facebook account.

    2. You begin to think LOL is really you laughing out loud...when all you ever do is type it. 

    3.  You think people in real life seem exceptionally small  compared to their profile pic.

    4. You agree to speak at a conference and then have a mini anxiety attack when you realize that's in front of a live audience.

    5. Your thoughts and life are much more vivid when written out in glorious sentences then spoken out loud.

    6. You find on Monday that you haven't left the house except to walk the dogs since Friday and you are totally ok with that.

    7. You get dressed and put on makeup even though the only humans you will see are the UPS guy and your family, because you MIGHT need to take a selfie.

    8.  People can't wait to meet you "in real life" and the sheer thought of that causes you to panic.

    9. When the phone RINGS you stare at it. When it DINGS you run to pick it up and check.

    10.  Your 83 year old mother has to take up texting just to communicate with you.

    This is just a list based on my "research" it truly has no bearing on my actual life. Really. I mean it.

    It just so happens I'm on a plane on my way to Atlanta for Type-A Con, where I'm speaking. Coincidence. Totally.
    ** confession **


  • POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription Box Review ? Fall 2014 my favorite thing
    I HAVE to share this box with you! Have to! Like I'm totally over the moon about it?and my kids will tell you?I rarely get excited about anything! True story.

    Here's the deal. I'm obsessed with subscription boxes. I get quite a few. I might have a problem. However, I've only ever told you about one?my precious Birchbox. Why? Because I totally believe in it. Wait?you don't get Birchbox yet, here's my referral link?you're welcome. The other boxes I subscribe to? I'm not so sure. Not sure I've wanted to recommend that you spend your hard earned cash. But this box? Save your pennies?it ain't cheap?but darlin? It was like Christmas, or my Birthday, or just THE BEST DAY EVER.
    Here is my horrid video. I had to use my phone, since a certain teenager took my camera lens {ahem}. And true, she didn't know I was going to take a video today, I mean really?I didn't know either?but it's my lens!! *rant over*. Watch the crummy video?and read the details below. You want to. Trust me. Would I ever lead you astray? On purpose? NEVER!

    ( YouTube link click here ---> )

    First off, I was wrong. There. I admit it. I guess my first PopSugar box came last month NOT 3 months ago. Did I mention I get quite a few boxes. So needless to say. It's monthly. I purchased a 3 month deal (that's where the 3 came from) to give the box a fair shot. I loved last months too - it was just "crazy time" and I forgot all about it!

    The box: PopSugar
    Cost: $39.95 a month
    What's inside: must have's - fitness, food, fashion, beauty, home. 

    How do I get my own?
    Click on this link to sign up --->
    Here's a discount code for $5 off your first box: REFER5

    Final say. 
    Get the box. If you can afford it. For $40 I easily received at LEAST $125 worth of goodies. I also think a 3 month subscription would make the best Christmas gift ever! Just a thought.

    If you use my link I get referral points. Once you sign up and share YOUR link YOU get referral points. It's a share the love kind of deal.

    Tell me what you loved in MY box?and if you think you need your own. Now shoo. I have better videos to make. Meaning I have a teenager to hunt down!


  • Tween fashion for girls. Top 10 fashion needs for back to school.
    Tween fashion. Yes, tween is a word. 
    And?.it is defined as such from the urban dictionary?
    Tween: a girl ages about 9-14...too old for toys, but too young for boys. 

    Very easy to market to, will usually follow any fashion trend set for them, will most likely go through the phase of 'finding themselves' as they 'grow up'.
    (Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen's main fanbase are all tweens.)
    Comforting? Not so much. But take courage. I'm here to help. If you have a tween daughter I feel your pain. This in-between stage is brutal. They want to shop juniors, but it doesn't quite fit. They want bras?but they don't quite need them. Too short. Too tight. Too grown up.
    But wait. It really doesn't need to be that bad. I have three daughters. Two have successfully passed through this phase?fashionably. And daughter number three?well, she is not just going to pass through it. She is going to leave a mark. Little Miss. "T" has suggestions for girls on what's trending?what you must have for fall?and how to pull it together. I don't dress this one. I guide her. Seriously.

    Tahlia's "must have" list for fall fashion.
    1. Converse.
    2. Denim vests.
    3. Colored denim.
    4. Lace.
    5. Boots.
    6. Accessories.
    7. Cardigans.
    8. T-shirts to layer.
    9. Denim shirts (are you sensing the denim trend?)
    10. Outrageous fun flats.
    I don't know if you know?but Tahlia was chosen to be a Discovery Girl, for Discovery Girl magazine. I'll have to tell you this story someday. Anyway?she needed to choose an outfit for her profile shoot for her magazine spread. This is the outfit she chose. Why? Because she loves boots and she loves dresses. I love that it's kind of girly with an edge.

    (dress H&M / boots Target / cardigan - hand me down / jewelry MudLove and StudioJewel)
    Determined to find red jeans - not easy when she doesn't quite fit in juniors?yet. But alas, these she loves. Cuffed for early fall. Tucked in boots when the weather gets cooler. Paired with a little lace for softness and denim for contrast. And don't forget a touch of leopard. Rawr. And really?what is it with the jumping photos? Ok, she does look kinda cute?right?
    (red jeans - Macy's kids / lace shirt - Target / denim button down - Platos Closet / leopard flats - Payless)
    T loves color. It suits her. And since we were on the hunt for colored jeans, these also made her "pahleeeeese" list. Paired with stripes?still hot this season?AND sparkly converse?it's a win! And more jumping?.of course? 
    (purple denim - Old Navy / striped shirt - Old Navy / grey cardi - Old Navy / sparkly converse - Kohl's)

    Last but not least, a basic denim outfit. cute jeans - again, rolled for fall - tucked in boots for cooler weather. A lightweight printed blouse - because layering is key. And this absolutely-I-love-it-with-all-my-heart daisy light denim vest. S'cute.

    (jeans - Target / floral blouse - Old Navy / vest - Tilly's / sandals - Payless)

    I think this gives you some very good options for your tween. Shoot, I might even steal some of her ideas! Just remember, it's ok for your little girls to look like?well?little girls! They will be forced into grown up land WAY too soon anyway. Help them find their style while maintaining their youth. 

    And if they don't read Discovery Girls magazine, they should. Real girls. Real issues. Acting their age. I can't brag enough. Tahlia will be in the upcoming February/March issue?I think. I will totally keep you posted.

    But until then?happy shopping. And remember?hormones are fun! Lol.


  • Pallet Coffee Table. Reclaimed Wood. My new favorite thing.
    Pallet furniture and reclaimed wood. Buzz words for sure. But in my living room? Part of my own personal home decor? Don't get me wrong, I love the look. I love the trend. Shoot, I even have a pallet in my garage that I  {ahem} "borrowed" from an abandoned lot with great aspirations (honey, I really AM going to make something out of it!). But still, I wasn't sure it would ever fit with my existing pieces.

    Let's just write this down for the record. I was wrong. Dead wrong.

    Backing up. I met Lisa White several years ago when she designed my website. If you haven't been to my site to buy my jewelry look at the design then you are missing out. Just click here and go. I love it. More importantly, I loved working with Lisa. Creative. Fun. Spunky. So even years later I was following her?her business?.her life. When she started talking about a new furniture line, my ears perked up. Yonder Years. What I love is that it's an awesome furniture line, but it's also a love story - geesh, I'm a sucker for a good love story. They tell it better?here's what they say about Yonder Years.

    A Love Story of Two People + Reclaimed Wood - We create furniture and home decor made from reclaimed and upcycled pallet wood and other materials.
    A Love Story of Two People + Reclaimed Wood
    Our little shop is a love story of sorts, started by two people that found each other at exactly the point in their lives when they needed to. Call it kismet, destiny, love at first sight, a little bit of luck -- whatever it was, it was just meant to be! Yes, cue cheesy lovesong music now!

    We found that we both had a love of old rustic things (especially pallet wood)...and with my (Lisa) marketing creativity and Daniel's awesome ideas and building skills...Yonder Years was born.

    We love searching high and low for perfectly weathered pallet wood and rusty old vintage finds. It is what we use as our canvas for everything you see, which is thought up and crafted in our home-based shop.
    My table. I had to have my own table to claim it as my favorite thing right? Since I follow Lisa on all social media I saw they were having a contest  - kind of a business introduction of sorts. I rarely enter contests?because let's face it?I rarely win ANYthing. Long story short. Bada Bing. Bada Boom. I won! I may have freaked out. A little. With reserve. Still keeping my cool. Ok lying. I was totally geeked!
    Daniel worked with me to get my table just perfect for the room we wanted to place it. He worked with me on the finishes. He really cared about MY table. Pictures will never do it justice?it's absolutely stunning. I could not love it more. Even my teenagers got excited about it - think about it, teenagers? Furniture? It must be cool.
    Please excuse the ping pong balls?cords?messy cushions?etc. This is our downstairs family room?aka kids domain and workout area. Need I say more?
    Now we know we need, want, desire matching side tables. And every time I go to their website I find something else to add to my list. Daniels work is impeccable. I worried about a pallet having rough edges or unfinished corners. He has taken painstaking care of everything. While retaining the charm of the "reclaimed" and "rough" it is a beautiful very finished piece of furniture. He also knew I had teens and reassured me that it is well protected. What a guy!

    Go check them out, tell me your favorite piece I'd love to know what YOU love. And please support this couple on their new adventure together! They are offering my readers a 10% discount on your order using the code CHIVE - just make sure you tell them I sent you. I know you won't be disappointed! I promise!

    Yes, I won a table?but they NEVER asked me to write about it. I just love it so much it had to make my list of favorite things. And now that you have seen it yourself?I'm sure you agree!

    Now about that pallet in my garage. Hmmm?off to Pinterest I go?.


  • Teen Fashion for Back to School
    Teens and clothes. They go hand in hand?right? Well, most of the time. Sometimes it's a battle to get them out of sweats and t-shirts?can I get an amen? But when they want to pull it together, they know EXACTLY what they like, what's cool, and what looks good. And most of the time they are on target?most of the time.
    I say most?because I think there are some simple rules to follow when taking your kids - especially your daughters - clothes shopping. First, learn to say no. They are your kids. They need to respect your decisions regarding their wardrobe. But saying "ewww?no way" is not the best choice. Give them the same respect. Tell them why. Why you don't like it. Tell them how beautiful they are are. How much they have to offer and that they don't need to sell themselves short to look like the masses which might equal "trashy".

    And on top of that I have to ask?do you know what your kids are wearing? What their friends are wearing? Are you paying attention on Twitter? Instagram? You should be. NOT to be critical?hardly. But to be aware, especially with your daughters. Their bodies are precious gifts. TRUE fashion is not sleazy. TRUE fashion is classy and stylish and accentuates our personalities, not our boobies and booties.

    * steps off soapbox *

    Let's get to the fall fashion for teens shall we? Here are 10 must haves my two teens, Anneke and Isabel, were on the lookout for.
    ? army/military style jacket 
    ? converse sneakers
    ? combat boots
    ? colored jeans
    ? skater skirt
    ? graphic tees
    ? lace
    ? long cardigans
    ? high waisted jeans
    ? jean jacket
    WHAT: military jacket (Aeropostale - I bought one for me from - basic white tee - high waisted distressed black denim jeans (Target) - combat boots (Madden  Girl) / I think the braid as to the whole "katniss look" don't you agree?
    WHAT: skater skirt (Old Navy) - lace tee (Target) - converse low tops (Kohl's) / I love the mixture of lace and converse - so fun and youthful. and the skater skirt will work well into winter with tights and boots.
    WHAT: long cardigan (Tilly's) - graphic arrow tank (Kohl's) - stretch red denim jeans (Platos closet) - combat boots (Kohl's - i was going to buy these for myself until she claimed them!) / and the guitar is not a prop?it pretty much travels with her.
    WHAT: denim vested hoodie (long on her "want" list, yesterdays birthday gift - American Eagle) - graphic tee (delia's) - high waisted jeans (Target) - Converse (Kohl's) this outfit suits isabel perfectly and she is totally rockin' it!

    I love that my girls nailed their style perfectly. Nailed fall fashion. And nailed looking their age?completely fashionable?and totally appropriate.

    Teen shopping and teen fashion does not have to be a painful experience, or break the bank. Our first stop for shopping is typically Plato's Closet - you can get a ton if you have the patience to weed through the racks and then try on?try on?try on. Next stop is always Kohl's, because seriously, when is Kohl's NOT having a sale? And my next trick is using ebates - if you have to shop online, you may as well earn money back while doing it. Right? Here's a link to sign up - don't worry, it's free.

    Any questions regarding teen style and fashion? Hit me up! In the mean time, I think it's time I treat myself?there are these boots???.