Michigan Sweet Spot
HDR Photography of the Real Michigan

  • Stay off the ice, event though Lake Michigan is icy 4 miles out, it?s not safe.
    Usually I like to go to Lake Michigan in the summer, but with all the cold weather and snow we’ve had, I thought that this would be a good time to check out the landscape. Wow! It was spectacular, this icy sculpture is the lighthouse, and the vast ice field beyond it, is the lake. [...]

  • Sundog Sunrise in Ada, MI
    As I was driving along this morning wondering why on earth I was braving the packed icy roads in subzero weather, I looked up and saw this sundog. It was funny because I was listening to the radio and the announcer was talking about what a miserable day it was and seeing this totally changed [...]

  • Michigan #IceStorm
    I’m not like most people when it comes to ice storms. Yes, I do hate it when we lose power, but, the resulting photos more than make up for it. Michigan had an ice storm this week and then, it snowed on top of the ice. Seriously, I had a hard time driving and staying [...]

  • Aquus Lifestyle Studio ? Fitness Center in Grand Rapids
    About 2 years ago, a friend convinced me to stop by a new place she had heard about called Aquus Lifestyle Studio in Grand Rapids. The funny thing about me is that I have never, ever stayed with a fitness program for any length of time. I always have big plans but somehow life gets [...]

  • Can you imaging putting this back together? It?s all in a day?s work at Mayday Avionics.
    The Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan is home to one of the top ten avionics shops in the country according to Pro Pilot Magazine. Mayday Avionics installs and repairs the critically important navigation equipment, and electronics that make airplanes get where they are supposed to go. They take care of everything [...]