• Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards changes tune on over the counter birth control

    Planned Parenthood?s Cecile Richards has an editorial in CNN which claims that making the birth control pill available over the counter would ?push women back to 1950s.? 
    At first glance, this appears to be a welcome shift, a reflection of the growing support for making birth control available to more women.

    It's not. When health insurance doesn't cover birth control and women have to pay out of pocket at the drugstore, it won't expand access to birth control but shrink it.....

    Offering over-the-counter birth control instead of insurance coverage for birth control amounts to a $483 million tax on women.

    Compare that to a Huffington Post piece written by Richards in 2013 where the FDA?s decision to make emergency contraception available over the counter for women of all ages (including teen girls) was hailed as ?wonderful news? and meant that there would be ?no barriers, no shame.?

    This is a historic moment for women's health -- and a huge step forward in Planned Parenthood's work to expand access to birth control. Hopefully, with this decision, women all over the country will soon be able to walk into a pharmacy and pick up emergency contraception off the shelves, as soon as they need it -- no barriers, no shame.

    Will Planned Parenthood and Richards now lobby to stop emergency contraceptives from being sold over the counter? 

  • Life Links 8/27/14

    Time has a piece by Laura Stampler attempting to promote abortion advocates and their lame Taco or Beer challenge.  The piece is entitled ?New Viral Fundraiser? despite only having 127 posts (at this moment) on Tumblr. 

    A newborn baby boy in Utah is in critical condition after his mother abandoned him in a trash can and was found by neighbors who thought they were hearing a kitten. 

    Police say the 24-year-old mother later returned to the scene and told officers that she'd left the baby there about an hour before he was found.

    A woman in Indiana has been charged with feticide after allegedly attempting to use RU-486 to abort her late-term pregnancy.  The child was apparently born alive and then left in a dumpster. 

    A pathologist ruled the infant was born alive and took a breath, but Patel's lawyer, Jeff Sanford, told the judge the pathologist's tests don't prove that.  Sanford told WSBT he has big questions about tests the pathologist did and did not do to determine whether the infant was born alive. 

    Dawn Laguens? piece attempting to defend Planned Parenthood?s transition away from ?pro-choice? terminology included this absurd assertion:

    As evidence, he quotes Hillary Clinton saying abortion should be "safe, legal and rare," a message that peaked in the 1990s, when President Clinton first said it, and was probably last used around 2006. Nobody says that anymore.

    2006?  Here?s a CNN article from 2010 where President Obama uses the ?safe, legal and rare? message.

  • Life Links 8/20/14

    Newsweek has a long article on Lila Rose?s and Katie Stack?s respective undercover trips into abortion clinics and pregnancy centers. 

    What?s really interesting to me is how Katie Stack (who appeared on MTV?s No Easy Decision) now describes her abortion.
    Stack describes her choice to terminate a pregnancy, which she did in college, as ?empowering? and says it aided her in ?adapting a feminist framework? that led to her investigations. ?It was the first time I felt like I had any control over anything, having that abortion,? she says. ?I?m happy with my abortion. People get uncomfortable when I say my abortion was a good experience, but it was.?
    During the No Easy Decision program in 2010, Stack cried on at least two occasions and mentioned how she had difficulty being around her newborn nephew after the abortion.  At that time, she also said she viewed abortion as a "parenting decision" because she acknowledged her child as ?a baby.?   

    That?s doesn?t sound empowering to me.  Only in pro-abort La-La Land is staying in a hotel room because you can?t imagine seeing your newborn nephew equal "empowering." 

    After the airing of the No Easy Decision program, Stack then tried to start a pro-abortion version of Live Action called The Crisis Project which hasn?t had quite as much success.

    Martin Haskell?s abortion clinic in Sharonville is dropping their appeal.  They?ll stop performing surgical abortions on Friday.  They apparently plan on trying to stay in business by offering RU-486 abortions. 

    ?Intellectual? Richard Dawkins told someone that bringing a child with Down Syndrome to birth is immoral. 

    An abortion clinic in Alabama which couldn?t meet safety standards at its current location has been given the permission to relocate.

  • Life Links 8/19/14

    A judge in Iowa has upheld the ban on telemed/Skype abortions. 

    The judge wrote that the medical board has significant authority to regulate such issues. "There is no question that the board has the power to establish standards of practice for the medical profession. Those standards include the authority to adopt and enforce standards regarding the minimal standards of acceptable and prevailing practice," he wrote.

    The system has remained in use while the two sides wrangled in court. The judge's ruling is set to take effect in 30 days. A Planned Parenthood spokeswoman said her agency would file a legal appeal.

    Gillian Ropespierre, director of Obvious Child, wants people to stop calling her film an ?abortion comedy.?

    But, because the plot revolves around an abortion, it?s not being called, simply, a ?comedy?. Instead, it?s being referred to as - whisper it - ?that abortion comedy.?

    Director Gillian Robespierre isn?t particularly pleased that her work of art has been given this label.

    "'Abortion comedy' gives a sense, in the semantics of that sentence, that we?re making light of abortion. And we?re not doing that,? she tells me. ?I was a little angry because it makes our movie sound glib and sarcastic.?

    At the Washington Post, liberal political strategist Carter Eskew joins the trend of abortion advocates who are criticizing ?choice? language. 

    The pro-choice side cannot win the debate as it is currently framed; it can achieve only small victories when the other side overreaches. An example: Requiring an ultrasound is okay, not just an invasive one. The reason pro-choice advocates can?t and won?t win is because they don?t have an affirmative argument, only a defensive one......

    The problem is ?choice? will never trump ?life.? Choice is valuable, but life is precious. As long as there is no competing affirmative value for abortion, then life will always win.

  • Life Links 8/5/14

    Ad Week asked 6 ad women to rebrand ?pro-choice.?  The results are....well....ummm....see for yourself.  If this is the best 6 ad women can come up with then maybe abortion advocates should stick with pro-choice.
    Simply evolving the language and sentiment from pro-choice to something like pro-me would acknowledge that reproductive rights are a personal decision, one of many, that young women actively participate in every day.
    Toledo?s last abortion clinic, whose licensed is scheduled to be revoked in a week, is claiming they?ll become a ?woman?s clinic? which doesn?t perform abortions if their surgery license is taken away. 

    Capital Care?s owner Terrie Hubbard said her attorney will file a petition with the court next week asking that the clinic be allowed to continue offering abortion services while appealing the state order.

    Even if the stay is not granted, however, Ms. Hubbard said she plans to keep Capital Care open as a women?s clinic. The clinic would offer gynecological services as well as abortion counseling, Ms. Hubbard said.

    In Florida a woman has been arrested months after leaving her newborn child under a sink.  She claims she hid her pregnancy because she was forced to have an abortion previously. 

    A police document shows Breanna LaSean Ross was 18 years old when she gave birth in January. She told police she hid her pregnancy because previously, her mother and the mother of her baby's father forced her into having an abortion. She thought they would make her do the same with this pregnancy.