• Life Links 10/16/14

    The New York Times covers Planned Parenthood?s continuing attempts to corner the market on abortion.  They?re building a $9 million facility in Queens.

    While there are other women?s health centers in Queens that offer abortions, the absence of a Planned Parenthood was ?something that had to be corrected,? Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, Democrat of Queens, said. 

    Alabama Women?s Center for Reproductive Alternatives abortion clinic is re-opening at a new location after the old clinic couldn?t meet standards set forth in Alabama?s Women?s Health and Safety Act of 2013.  If you watch the video of the newscast you can see a sign on a door which reads, ?NO CHILDREN ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING!!!?

    Katha Pollitt is out and about promoting her new book on abortion.  The latest is this Huffington Post column excerpted from her book where she claims, ?We need to see abortion as an urgent practical decision that is just as moral as the decision to have a child -- indeed, sometimes more moral? and ?Actually, abortion is part of being a mother and of caring for children....?

  • Life Links 10/8/14

    The Abortion Gang has a guest post by Canadian Mel Waters in which she describes her experience in Colorado for an elective abortion after 24 weeks at Warren Hern?s clinic. The story is sad on many levels.

    It was a long physical recovery; the mental scars have been a longer journey, and after 4 years I am still working through it. I can?t close my eyes at night without reliving the whole thing again, I still have nightmares!

    Cosmopolitian magazine has endorsed....drumroll.....Wendy Davis (I know big surprise right?)  The start of the story mentions the pink shoes as if that?s a reason to vote for her. 
    An 11-hour filibuster. A bold stand for women in a red state. Those pink tennis shoes.
    They?d probably call other media outlets sexist for mentioning the shoes. 

    The end of this sentence caught my eye.
    A Davis governorship would represent all Texans, including those who are traditionally underserved by Austin, setting the state on the road to restoring basic women's health care and ensuring that the children women do choose to have are cared for.

    Why the need to mention ?the children women do choose to have??  Why not just say "ensuring that children are cared for??  Cosmo concedes the reality that women are aborting "children" they don?t want. 

    An abortion clinic in El Paso is shut down again after being open for part of the day on Saturday after they received an exemption that was meant for another clinic in El Paso.  In another example of how abortion is a business, the clinic isn?t referring women to the abortion clinic in El Paso but instead to one of their affiliated clinics in New Mexico. 
    They are not completely closed, though. They still take walk-ins and phone calls and instruct women requiring an abortion to go to their clinic in New Mexico. 

  • Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards changes tune on over the counter birth control

    Planned Parenthood?s Cecile Richards has an editorial in CNN which claims that making the birth control pill available over the counter would ?push women back to 1950s.? 
    At first glance, this appears to be a welcome shift, a reflection of the growing support for making birth control available to more women.

    It's not. When health insurance doesn't cover birth control and women have to pay out of pocket at the drugstore, it won't expand access to birth control but shrink it.....

    Offering over-the-counter birth control instead of insurance coverage for birth control amounts to a $483 million tax on women.

    Compare that to a Huffington Post piece written by Richards in 2013 where the FDA?s decision to make emergency contraception available over the counter for women of all ages (including teen girls) was hailed as ?wonderful news? and meant that there would be ?no barriers, no shame.?

    This is a historic moment for women's health -- and a huge step forward in Planned Parenthood's work to expand access to birth control. Hopefully, with this decision, women all over the country will soon be able to walk into a pharmacy and pick up emergency contraception off the shelves, as soon as they need it -- no barriers, no shame.

    Will Planned Parenthood and Richards now lobby to stop emergency contraceptives from being sold over the counter? 

  • Wendy Davis claims her unborn child suffered while she claimed the opposite in her famous filibuster

    In her recently released book, Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis claims her unborn daughter Tate Elise was suffering and this is one of the reasons she opted for an abortion. 

    "At some point in the almost two weeks of second and third and fourth opinions and tortured decision making, I could feel her little body tremble violently, as if someone were applying an electric shock to her, and I knew then what we needed to do. She was suffering ??

    An unborn child in the second trimester was suffering physical pain?

    That?s a strange assertion coming from Davis who claimed just the opposite when she famously filibustered against the prolife law in Texas.

    At about the 13 minute mark of the video below, Davis begin discussing a paper in which the authors claim fetal pain probably isn't possible until the third trimester. 

    She continues in this video.

    So her position is that Texas shouldn?t ban late second trimester abortions based on unborn children feeling pain because they don?t feel pain but I had a late second trimester abortion because my unborn child felt pain and I didn't want her to suffer any more.

  • Life Links 8/27/14

    Time has a piece by Laura Stampler attempting to promote abortion advocates and their lame Taco or Beer challenge.  The piece is entitled ?New Viral Fundraiser? despite only having 127 posts (at this moment) on Tumblr. 

    A newborn baby boy in Utah is in critical condition after his mother abandoned him in a trash can and was found by neighbors who thought they were hearing a kitten. 

    Police say the 24-year-old mother later returned to the scene and told officers that she'd left the baby there about an hour before he was found.

    A woman in Indiana has been charged with feticide after allegedly attempting to use RU-486 to abort her late-term pregnancy.  The child was apparently born alive and then left in a dumpster. 

    A pathologist ruled the infant was born alive and took a breath, but Patel's lawyer, Jeff Sanford, told the judge the pathologist's tests don't prove that.  Sanford told WSBT he has big questions about tests the pathologist did and did not do to determine whether the infant was born alive. 

    Dawn Laguens? piece attempting to defend Planned Parenthood?s transition away from ?pro-choice? terminology included this absurd assertion:

    As evidence, he quotes Hillary Clinton saying abortion should be "safe, legal and rare," a message that peaked in the 1990s, when President Clinton first said it, and was probably last used around 2006. Nobody says that anymore.

    2006?  Here?s a CNN article from 2010 where President Obama uses the ?safe, legal and rare? message.