The Elenbaas Family
Ma, Da, Tinkerbelle, Wally, JackJack, and Big Wes

  • Outer Banks North Carolina
    Way back in June we took an amazing trip with the Veldhof family to Outer Banks North Carolina.  It is basically a thin strip of land that runs along the coast with lots of large houses to rent.  We were a block from the Atlantic ocean and 4 blocks from the intercoastal near the town of Duck.

    The house was awesome.  We had 2 days of very high surf and 4 days of intense heat which was perfect for the ocean and pool.

    We went on a pirate adventure for the kids one of the days.

    On the drive out to North Carolina we stopped at Hocking Hills State Park near Columbus, OH.  The terrain was very unique rock formations including caves and waterfalls.  There were 6 main hikes of about 1 mile each that the kids powered through over the course of 24 hours.

  • Crazy Life
    If anyone is still watching you'll know I haven't posted for almost 5 months!  Here is a quick snapshot of my life since the last post.

    • Chaos at work since December on a key quality issue and several new products
    • 4 little kids that are wonderful but time consuming balls of energy
    • Family trip for 10 days to North Carolina
    • Helping my parents move to the west side 
    • Week and the cottage
    • 10th annual (and likely final) PLT.  Paul finally broke the all time record going under 1:20.  I am OK with it.  He earned it.
    • 2 weeks camping in Grand Haven
    • 4 day work trip to Belgium 
    • 10 day trip to California - Sequoia National Park, Yosemite National Park, and San Francisco.
    • Lots of cottage weekends
    = a blazing fast summer.  

    "Diving Board" foot dangle on Half Dome

  • Florida 2014
    It was one of the best Florida weeks I can remember. The weather was great and the kids are really getting to an age where we can enjoy everything.

    Florida Memories:
    • Wesley happily crawling around with a lot of personality. His crawl has swagger.
    • Wesley eating sand and getting face fulls of sand and not being bothered by it.
    • Evie swam all the time. She would spend all afternoon in the pool
    • 2 Manatees parked in front of our dock all day one day. Saw them many times over the course of 4 hours.
    • Jack motoring around the pool with his life jacket on. Will typically playing by the side or needing to be held in the pool.
    • Jack turning into a fish. On Thursday he swam for about 2.5 hours straight. Typical Jack he was in and out of the pool a million times but swimming for large portions of it. Of course he never stopped giving his commentary.
    • Evie?s birthday celebration on 4/10 (Thurs) included cake and presents.  Evie received an Elsa dress that Erin made and ?Frozen? DVD.
    • A lady gave us a kite the last evening at the beach. Evie let go once and I had to sprint down the beach to save it. Evie let go a second time and some girls were in the right spot to save it. Both boys flew it for a while but I tied it around their waist.
    • Perfect sunsets on Thursday and Friday.
    • Jumping waves in the ocean.
    • Taking the kids out in to the serf and going up and down with the waves.

  • Disney
    We had an absolutely fantastic day at Magic Kingdom last week.  It was a marathon as we left our condo before 6:00 am and returned home at 2:00 am.  The park was mobbed but we managed to keep our wait times under 45 minutes for every ride.  The kids had a great day but were so tired by 10:30 that they basically passed out in our arms and in the stroller. 

    I didn't tell Evie what space mountain really was before we went on the ride because I didn't want her to back out.  She did well but didn't want to go on it again.

     The Barnstormer roller coaster was a favorite. The boys could ride it and wanted to do it again all day but we never got back to it.

  • Batman

    It has been a LONG winter.  The boys are ready for the outdoors again.  This should be a great summer.