The Elenbaas Family
Ma, Da, Tinkerbelle, Wally, JackJack, and Big Wes

  • Christmas Season
    Christmas lights this year.  I decided to only put lights on the house and leave them off the trees.  I think it gave a cleaner look.

    Sitting with Santa.  Will and Jack were VERY nervous.

  • 2015 Goals and 2014 Results
    2014 Results:

    • No Snacking: FAIL - I followed this goal very closely for 1 month, quite closely for the next 6 months, and very loosely for the last 5 months. By the end of the year my meal times had expanded to hours long and I was eating terribly.  I was going to say this goal was a mild success until I re-read my clarifications and exceptions and realized I broke most of my rules after the first month even thought I stayed relatively true to 3-meals-a-day.
    • Drink 64 oz of water per day: SHORT SUCCESS - I did this through May, but gave it up after realizing how annoying it was with no clear benefits.  The exercise did motivate me to do a better job overall of making sure to have a few glasses of water a day.
    • Read 10 books: FAIL - probably only 2 or 3.
    In 2014 I had 8 months of a work crisis that influenced my 2014 goals.  I believe it also helped me mature and manage my life to maximize family time when I wasn't at work. Part of the maturity was realizing that these annual goals have done little to improve my health or life.  They were fun little hobbies with limited benefit.  I realized that no single "rule" or exercise can make me healthy and happy.  It takes a balanced and disciplined life.  Therefore...

    2015 Goals: NONE

  • Halloween 2014
    Halloween pictures from this year.  The 3 big kids made it all the way around the neighborhood.

  • Outer Banks North Carolina
    Way back in June we took an amazing trip with the Veldhof family to Outer Banks North Carolina.  It is basically a thin strip of land that runs along the coast with lots of large houses to rent.  We were a block from the Atlantic ocean and 4 blocks from the intercoastal near the town of Duck.

    The house was awesome.  We had 2 days of very high surf and 4 days of intense heat which was perfect for the ocean and pool.

    We went on a pirate adventure for the kids one of the days.

    On the drive out to North Carolina we stopped at Hocking Hills State Park near Columbus, OH.  The terrain was very unique rock formations including caves and waterfalls.  There were 6 main hikes of about 1 mile each that the kids powered through over the course of 24 hours.

  • Crazy Life
    If anyone is still watching you'll know I haven't posted for almost 5 months!  Here is a quick snapshot of my life since the last post.

    • Chaos at work since December on a key quality issue and several new products
    • 4 little kids that are wonderful but time consuming balls of energy
    • Family trip for 10 days to North Carolina
    • Helping my parents move to the west side 
    • Week and the cottage
    • 10th annual (and likely final) PLT.  Paul finally broke the all time record going under 1:20.  I am OK with it.  He earned it.
    • 2 weeks camping in Grand Haven
    • 4 day work trip to Belgium 
    • 10 day trip to California - Sequoia National Park, Yosemite National Park, and San Francisco.
    • Lots of cottage weekends
    = a blazing fast summer.  

    "Diving Board" foot dangle on Half Dome