Pop Up Dog Park to Open at 210 Market Ave

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It’s National Pet Day and local pet owners will be pleased to know that a new dog park will be opening in the Grand Rapids area. The currently unused 8,000 square foot lot located at 210 Market Ave will be converted into a pop-up dog park. This will be a great way to foster community and provide an opportunity for pets and their owners to enjoy some physical activity.

The dog park is set to open in May. It will start out as a short-term experiment supported by the Maplegrove-DGRI partnership and the DDA. The organizations will evaluate the park’s performance after the first year to determine whether they want to keep the project going long term.

The park will be maintained and operated by DGRI and open year-round from 8:00 AM to 10:00PM daily. It will feature two defined areas – one for small dogs and the other for larger dogs. It will also include doggie waste bags, trash cans, planter boxes, dog-friendly ground cover, and other amenities.

The opening of the park is predicted to benefit the community in many ways. Located adjacent to Founder’s Brewing and directly across the street from the mixed-use residential building 234 Market, it will increase foot traffic in a commercial area. The dog park will also maximize an unused space and provide a public amenity for all. We are looking forward to the improvements this new development will bring to the neighborhood.

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