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With over 800 restaurant listings and thousands of upcoming events posted in our calendar, no other resource better answers the question of what to do in Grand Rapids. Now in our 10th year as part of the GR community, we’ve listed more than 200,000 local events that have been viewed over 29 million times! That depth of coverage has helped build a devoted fan base; there are now more than 67,000 people who like us on Facebook and 25.2K followers on Twitter.


Why advertise with us?

  • We’re locally owned and operated – That means your advertising dollars stay in Grand Rapids instead of going to parent companies of media outlets located outside of West Michigan.
  • Desirable demographics – Reach local Grand Rapids-area people who are active decision-makers looking to spend money. Based on our Facebook following, 69% of our audience is female, 31% male and 58% are 25-44. Women 25-34 are the single largest demo (22%), which means that segment alone accounts for more than 14,000 people.
  • Trackability – Leveraging the power of the internet, find out exactly how your campaign is going with automatic reporting that includes impressions and click-throughs. You can log in any time to see how your campaign is progressing.
  • Flexibility – We offer a wide variety of advertising options, ranging from homepage photo sponsorships, to banner ads, giveaways promoted on Facebook & Twitter, event listing upgrades, mobile ads, newsletter sponsorships and more. These tools allow us to create custom campaigns for your business based on your goals and your budget.
  • Reasonable pricing – We take pride in being a low-overhead business; your advertising budget won’t be wasted on middle-management, bureaucracy, egos or impressing shareholders. In fact, campaigns can start as low as $40.
  • It’s where today’s audience is – Digital ad spending is by far the fastest growing of the media types in the US:


source: TechCrunch


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