GR{KNOW} | Airbnb Style Hotel To Open Late Summer In Downtown Grand Rapids

The Finnley Future Location | Photo via

If you are planning to visit Grand Rapids, you may be in for a treat when it comes to unique hotel experiences. Real estate broker Bradley Veneklase has plans to open a new Airbnb style boutique hotel with just five furnished units. The establishment is set to open in late summer 2020.

The Finnley will be located at 65 Monroe Center St. NE. In addition to the Airbnb vibe with smaller rooms, patrons will also be given a code to access the hotel and rooms. The lack of a lobby, attendant and concierge will provide a more private setting. There will, however, be a staff on hand to clean the rooms and change the bedding. 

Veneklase aims for the hotel to provide a high-quality experience for guests. The hotel is smaller and more affordable to maintain and furnish. The real estate broker is using that to the guests’ advantage by providing nicer furniture and finishes as compared to that which is found in larger hotels. 

The project is estimated to cost $750,000. On February 12, the Grand Rapids Downtown Development Authority voted to provide Veneklase with $25,000 to pay for exterior lighting improvements, compliance efforts and a mural which is planned for the building’s west facing wall. The hotel is being built on the ground floor of a building formerly used to house condominiums. 

The Finnley will mark Veneklase’s first venture as a hotelier. His previous experience revolves mainly around condominium sales in the downtown area. 

Rates have not yet been set for rooms although according to Veneklase, they will be competitive with other nearby hotels. In the meantime, those visiting the Grand Rapids area later this year can look forward to a stay like no other. We can’t wait to see how this venture enhances the city and changes the face of future hotel stays.