Most Anticipated Projects Update: Embassy Suites – Monroe North

  As promised, from our article back in December highlighting our Most Anticipated Projects of 2017, we bring you an update on one of them, the new Embassy Suites Hotel being built in Monroe North next to the Brassworks Building. You might be thinking “Another hotel downtown, whoopity doo.” But this hotel project has a very interesting history behind it, […]

Cheshire Village Becoming the Cat’s Meow?

This Northeast-side, somewhat sleepy business district best known for Kingma’s Market, the Cheshire Grill and Northfield Lanes Bowling Alley is about to get an injection of excitement. Three groups are looking at opening bars and restaurants in a cluster in the 2100 block of Plainfield Avenue. As Grand Rapids’ hottest neighborhoods East of downtown become almost too hot to touch, […]

Georgina’s Fusion Cuisine looking to open new Tacqueria on Wealthy Street

  A Michigan favorite, Georgina’s Fusion Cuisine of Traverse City, is looking to open a new tacqueria at 724 Wealthy Street in the Wealthy Street Historic District. An application filed with the city of Grand Rapids Planning Commission shows plans for a roughly 3000 square feet restaurant in the building that currently houses “Phil’s Stuff” at the Southwest corner of […]

Jolly Pumpkin makes a proposal to the West Side of GR

Documents filed with the city’s design and engineering department, coinciding with rumors we’ve heard in the Grand Rapids brewing community, Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales plans to open its first West Michigan location at 449 – 499 Bridge Street on the West Side of Grand Rapids. The building that they plan to renovate into the new brewery was formerly the Red […]

Celebration! Cinema North Getting Their Drink on for “Oscar’s”

If you’ve been to Celebration! Cinema North and IMAX on the East Beltline recently, you’ve probably noticed a huge wooden structure jutting up to the ceiling of the lobby that looks a lot like the Tower of Sauron. Are they promoting a new Lord of the Rings movie? The answer is yes! Okay, not really. What the largest theater operator […]