GR{KNOW} | Bloom & Grow Coffee With A Cause

Delicious, affordable coffee that makes a difference one cup at a time. Bloom & Grow Coffee is doing just that by selling single origin, fair trade coffee from Haiti to support Haitian farmers and women in recovery from addiction while supplying customers with some tasty java.

Bloom & Grow Coffee was founded by Abigail Nelson who developed a love for Haitian coffee at a young age. This passion inspired her to eventually travel to the country. During her visit, she felt compelled to help those dealing with injustices and poverty. Her experiences in Haitian rehabilitation centers, while witnessing the struggles women faced to stay sober then fueled her commitment to take action.

Nelson’s business partners with companies who work in Haiti to ensure the farmers who grow the coffee are paid and treated fairly. They also work with women recovering from substance addiction through their involvement in community events, workshops and advocacy programs. Their efforts aim to raise awareness and promote connection.

Bloom & Grow Coffee is committed to becoming a community-based support system for women battling addiction as well as a self-sustaining enterprise. They will be launching their preorder campaign on Thursday, February 20th. Customers can look forward to enjoying specialty roasted coffee for the low price of $19 a bag.

Abby Nelson and the Bloom & Grow Coffee are committed to making a difference. Purchasing a bag of their coffee will allow customers to be a part of their efforts, while enjoying the great taste of a quality brew. Sounds like a win-win situation to us!