Grand New: Body By Choice Expands to New, Larger Studio


It is almost officially beach season in Michigan and that means a lot of people are going to be stepping up their fitness game in the next month or so. Just in time, Body By Choice, a premier personal training studio in West Michigan, has moved and expanded into a larger studio located at 4070 Lake Drive, Suite 103. With a growing client base, the Body By Choice team made the decision to expand into a new 6,600 square foot space in order to better serve their clientele.

Body By Choice was founded by Nick Klein in 2013 and he set out on a mission to provide a space and program that would help others cultivate their gift of life through personalized fitness and healthcare. Their dedicated team provides an array of personal training services, including custom personal training plans, online personal training, fascia stretching therapy, and biosignature metabolic analytics.

Because of the individualized approach, Body By Choice is a great fit for everyone, regardless of whether a seasoned athlete or someone who is just starting out on a fitness journey. Their team starts out by providing new clients with an hour and a half Comprehensive Evaluation to better understand what would be the most effective approach to training. After the initial evaluation, their highly-certified and experienced team will create an individualized 12-week program that fits your goals and schedule. If an in-person training session does not fit well with your schedule, they also provide an in-depth online personal training program that is easy to follow and keeps you on track.

In addition to the personal training, Body By Choice also provides Fascia Stretching Therapy that helps target and improve the flexibility of joints and muscles. People often overlook stretching as part of their fitness program, but it is key for obtaining peak performance levels. This type of stretching also helps reduce joint pain, that often stops people from maintaining a regular exercise schedule.

The new Body By Choice studio is in a convenient location for those in the Cascade and Forest Hills neighborhoods, and the space is filled with all of the necessary equipment needed for a great workout. The Body By Choice team is extremely friendly and dedicated to helping others improve their overall quality of life through fitness and healthcare.

Thinking it might be time to step up your fitness game? Reach out to Body By Choice today to get started on a plan that is right for you.

The new Body By Choice studio is located at 4070 Lake Drive, Suite 103, Grand Rapids, MI 49546. For more information, visit To book a consultation, fill out the “contact” form on the website or call 616-259-9064.