Boop de Boom Coffee Shop to Open in Plainfield in Late July


Photo courtesy of Boop De Boom

As Grand Rapids continues to expand, its coffee shop selection gets stronger. Residents can look forward to the Boop de Boom coffee lounge opening in the area. It will be located at 1511 Plainfield St. NE in Creston and is due to open its doors at the end of July.

The coffee lounge will be opening in the same building as Flip Dog Yoga. Owners Cailin Kelly and Lindsey Ruffin started construction on the space in early February which currently features a back entrance only. Renovations include creating a front entrance, storefront windows, a bar – among many other additions.

Once the shop opens, Ruffin and Kelly are hoping to provide a funky, laid back coffee lounge experience. Boop de Boom will be serving quality coffee, tea, cocktails, beer and wine as well as some light food. It will also be a great place to gather with family and friends.

As the owners continue working on the space, we eagerly await the opening of this establishment which will surely be an asset to the community. Stay tuned for more updates here and via Boop De Boom’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.