DAAC Finds New Location on Plainfield Avenue

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DAAC piece by Pete Bruinsma for new space

The Division Avenue Arts Collective (DAAC) has been serving the Grand Rapids community as an artistic outlet for over 15 years. Back in 2013, the collective left their location on Division Avenue when the building come under new ownership. They are happy to announce that they have found a new venue!

Where | 1553 Plainfield Avenue {Creston Neighborhood}

About | Volunteer Led Performance Art Theatre & Art Gallery

The DAAC’s new space on Plainfield Avenue

The DAAC began in 2003 with a group of artists and community organizers whose mission was to provide a venue for artistic expression. After leaving their space in 2013, they’ve had several temporary residences in the Grand Rapids area. In 2017, the group began looking into a permanent location. Fast Forward to 2019, and they have finally found one that suits their needs.

The new location will also be home to the Gaia Café, a vegetarian café and restaurant that served the Easttown neighborhood for over 30 years before shutting down. Gaia will be located in the front of the building, while DAAC will be working out of the back.

DAAC and Gaia came across a few issues in finding a new location – potential noise issues, possible zone variances and special land use regulations. Gaia’s main concern with securing a space that wasn’t too expensive or gentrified. The group is happy to have finally found a home.

Construction on the space is scheduled to begin in June. The group looks forward to their new beginning as they plan for the future. The community will soon look forward to a reimagined space that has long been a central part of the local music scene.

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