Detroit’s Original Coney Island Scheduled to Open in Grand Rapids

The taste of a Coney Island hot dog is one that is rarely duplicated and can be difficult to find. Grand Rapids residents will be thrilled to learn that this flavor experience is one that will be available to them daily due to the opening of Detroit’s Original Coney Island which is scheduled for the end of July. Read on to find out what to expect at the new location as well as a bit about owner William Drake’s journey leading to the fulfillment of his dream.

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William Drake was born and raised in Detroit and still has many memories of his father taking him to the now closed Lucas Coney Island. He remembers their loose burgers, chili fries and Vernors ginger ale in glass bottles. Drake would remain a patron of the location as he grew older and became a Detroit Police Officer.

Drake’s life would end up taking many twists and turns, as he relocated across the country, but he never lost his taste for the Coney dogs of his youth. When he finally came full circle to settle down in the West Michigan area, he was so inspired by the restaurant’s food and passion for customer service, he decided to open his own location in Grand Rapids. The restaurant will be a mobile food service restaurant, located at the former Don Tono’s Mexican Restaurant at 825 28th St. SE.

Currently, the restaurant is undergoing major construction but is due for a grand opening in late July. It will offer ample parking and high visibility.

Detroit’s Original Coney Island will be the only mobile Coney Island food trailer in West Michigan. Look out for the July opening and get ready to experience the authentic taste that has become legendary. You will not be disappointed.