FFCF’s BID for Bachelors & Bachelorettes Event Highlights & Photos

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Bid is always a good time but this year will go down in FFCF’s history as one of the most memorable years. Here’s why…

) Mishaya’s Speech

Mishaya Boss took the stage and explained how it feels to be “different”, along with the physical and mental impact that this disease has on CF’ers. She spoke of 3 week long stays in the hospital, living life with a lung function of 25% (average person has lung function of 95-100%), and how much FFCF has done to “create a comfortable, home feel” while in the hospital. Mishaya’s mother even received a down payment for a new home from FFCf when they found out their home contained mold (which is life threatening for CF’ers).

) Outstanding hosts

These local celebrities did a great job of helping to keep the crowd laughing and bidding throughout the night. Thanks to Jordan Carson, Dan Harland, Jackie Green, and Casey Jones for helping to make one memorable event! 

) Handstands and backflips, OH MY!

From seated back hand springs to handstands that went on for minutes, this bachelor riled up the crowd with the most athletic route that BID has ever seen.


) Sparkly dresses

The attire is a huge component of this event. Glittery dresses were everywhere in dramatic colors giving this event a very formal yet glamours feel.


) One hot fireman

Need we say more…

) Doing the worm with light-up shoes

This bachelor used his phone to activate his light-up shoes then did the worm onstage, all in order to get the crowd involved and those bids up by 100’s of dollars.

) Over $110k raised for Friends & Families of Cystic Fibrosis

The silent auction, live auction, and donations made for another great fundraising event for FFCF.

All these highlights made for one amazing event but it was one call that changed the entire event…

James Heyboer got the call for his new lungs!

If you aren’t familiar with Cystic Fibrosis, it is not uncommon for those with CF to need new lungs. It does not cure the disease but does add years onto a CF ‘ers life. Beth Heyboer, co-founder of FFCF and mother of a CF’er, was onstage explaining that her son, James Heyboer, was waiting for his call and, for that reason, he was the only one that didn’t have to silence his phone.

After she stepped off-stage, James’ phone rang…it was Spectrum, they had his lungs. Everyone was in awe! This miracle reminded participants, attendees, and committee members of why this event and organization exists – to help give CF’ers and their family hope.

James is schedule for surgery today for his double lung transplant, so please keep him and his family in your thoughts. 

Note: FFCF helps to pay for lung transplants for CF’ers. If this story impacted you and you would like to donate to this cause, please click here

See all the photos from the event. Photos by M Buck Studios.


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