Grand New: Georgina’s Fusion Cuisine


How fortunate are we to live in a city full of incredible restaurants?

This week Georgina’s has officially joined the Grand Rapids family by opening their second location at 724 Wealthy Street. The original location in Traverse City, MI has been a long time favorite of many Michigan natives.

Georgina’s cuisine is fusion food at it’s finest. A blend of Asian and Latin influence gives Grand Rapids the diverse culinary flavors it was craving. Chef Anthony Craig prides himself on learning food through exploring the culture. Afterall, there is no better way to understand food than to immerse yourself in a country’s culture and their traditions.

Chef Anthony was born in Bluefields, Nicaragua. His father is Cuban and his mother half Chinese. He came to America at the young age of seven where he began to also explore American Cuisine. Anthony’s friends were always jealous of the fact that Anthony smelled like delicious exotic food. But at the time, Anthony was more curious about what his friends were eating. He says, “we never had things like Pizza Hut growing up so to me this was something different.” As Anthony got older, he had a passion for creating all the diverse flavors from his childhood and brought them to life in a variety of fusion dishes.

The food is simply incredible. The menu is diverse and unlike anything else in the Grand Rapids area. There may be a lot of new faces to the Georgina’s family, but one familiar face has made the move to West Michigan. General Manager Evan Bankey is very excited to continue his Georgina’s venture in Grand Rapids and had previously worked with Chef Anthony in Traverse City.

The GRNow team was fortunate to stop by and get a firsthand look at everything Georgina’s has to offer. Chef Anthony and his crew were given full control to choose their favorite dishes on the menu for the team to try.

First up we sampled Masita de Cerdo which is fried yucca and pork with red onions. Sauteed with garlic oil and lemon. This dish is nice and rich from the fried yucca and pork but balanced well with the perfect amount of acidity from the lemon. Since it was one of the GRNow team’s favorite dishes of the day, this is a must try the first time you dine at Georgina’s.

Our wonderful server, Shauna Current, raved about how stunningly beautiful the Bibimbap is. Therefore we had to see it for ourselves and we love to say Bibimbap. This dish contains Nappa cabbage, carrot, seaweed, pickled cabbage, and pickled cucumber, over rice. Topped with sauteed bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, choice of protein, and a sunny-side-up egg. Served in a hot stone bowl with a side of Asian broth. This dish is an absolute showstopper bursting with fresh flavors. It will certainly warm you up on a cold Michigan day.

This next dish reminded us of a Latin style Italian dish. Tallarines y Chorizo featured Chef’s homemade chorizo sauteed with lo mein noodles, baked with queso fresco. Topped with crema and served with tortillas. We couldn’t get enough of this delicious fusion dish and have never seen anything quite like it.

Needless to say, there is something for everyone at Georgina’s. Although be prepared, you will indeed want to try everything on the menu so bring lots of family and friends. Georgina’s may be a favorite in Traverse City but will soon be a Grand Rapids staple.

Georgina’s is located at 724 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

For more information, visit their Website, Facebook, or Instagram page.

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