Grand New Outside Coffee Co Opens in Uptown

Coffee shops are about more than just great coffee; they are a place where people can go to unwind and bond with other members of their community. That is a vision advocated by the owners of Woosah, an art and apparel company, who are now taking their entrepreneurial skills to another level in opening the Outside Coffee Co. Read on to find out more about this unique venture.

The Outside Coffee Co. was, in part, inspired by its location, a lovely community garden. The owners purchased a 1956 Dalton Travel Trailer to park on the lot which will serve as the main coffee house. In addition to providing a place for locals to work, recharge or just relax, the owners are looking to convert the garden into an event place supporting local artists, businesses and musicians.
The Outside Coffee Co. opened as of June 9 and will remain open through to December 25. It will be open from 7 AM – 7 PM every day.

(Photo via Outside Coffee Co Facebook)

The Outside Coffee Company will serve a variety of coffees and iced drinks, but more than that, they are about building a sense of community in the Grand Rapids area. Stop by to find out how you can be a part of this terrific new venture!

Address: 734 Wealthy St SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503-5554

Hours: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM every day