Grand New: Poke Toki


If you’re familiar with poke, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s a new poke shop in town! Poke Toki is now serving customers, via soft opening hours, at 5150 Northland DR NE – Northland/Beltline at Plainfield.

Not familiar with the delicious Hawaiian dish? Well, poke (pronounced “POKE-KAY”) features raw, diced, marinated fish tossed with rice, vegetables and sauces. Think toasted sesame, scallion, a flash of bright acidity, and an umami punch, most often from soy sauce. And even if you’re not used to the format of a poke bowl, the flavors should be comfortably familiar for anyone; with even a passing acquaintance with an American-style sushi menu.

The fast-casual eatery offers a fusion cuisine that incorporates Japanese, Korean and traditional Hawaiian style cooking while bringing an upscale vibe to a fast food atmosphere. Poke Toki puts their own spin on the dishes with Japanese Sushi and Korean Bibimbap versions that are sure to please the most adventurous of diners.

Poke Toki prides itself in providing fresh, sustainable fish as the main ingredient while maintaining a reasonable price point. They have an “Opened Food Mile” that means “that in sourcing our fish and all other ingredients, we aim to use highest-quality and most sustainable fish and ingredients we can find while still maintaining a reasonable price point.”

Fans of poke will also be able to enjoy seaweed snacks, mochi ice creams, lines of all natural Japanese sodas and more. Be sure to stay tuned to their Facebook page for future dates and developments.

**All photos and quotes courtesy of Poke Toki.