Grand New: Wyatt, the Red Panda


No, it’s not a Pokemon or a painted raccoon. It’s Wyatt!

Wyatt, a male, is a Red Panda and is new to the zoo as of this past Saturday. Born in the Bronx Zoo and a recent resident of the Chattanooga Zoo, Wyatt now lives in the backend of the John Ball Zoo by the waterfall.

The Red Panda is what is considered the original panda which was described 48 years prior to finding the white and black pandas we generally think of as the original. They are from the Himalayan mountains between 2,200 and 4,800 meters in northern Burma, Nepal, Sikkim region of India, and the districts of western Sichuan and Yunnan in China. Eating primarily bamboo, Red Pandas are know to eat bird’s eggs, berries, and occasionally birds.

Members Night is August 16th – RSVP here. During Members Night meet Wyatt, the red panda on the Forest Trail, marvel at the seahorses (new to the aquarium) , check out the black-footed cats in their new outdoor area near the Treasure of the Tropics, and enjoy exciting animal encounters throughout the Zoo. There will also be entertainment, fun activities and more!


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