Grand Rapids Celebrates GR Asian Pacific Festival Week June 4-9


Local businesses are an important part of every community, building the area’s economy and providing a sense of citizenry in the neighborhood. During the week of June 4, Grand Rapids will be celebrating the Asian Pacific businesses in the area during GR Asian Pacific Festival Week. Find out more about this exciting event and the various activities that will be taking place from June 4-June 9.

The inagural Grand Rapids Asian Festival in downtown Grand Rapids at Rosa Parks Circle on Saturday, June 10th 2017. ©2017 Photos by Two Eagles Marcus,

The GR Asian Pacific Festival was created to increase awareness of the Asian Pacific businesses in the Grand Rapids community and to help increase their customer base. During the week, businesses are encouraged to introduce products and specials that will help promote the event. The proceeds from the event support future festivals and nonprofit organizations that serve the needs of the Pacific communities in West Michigan.

In honor of the festival, the GR Asian Festival organization creates an Asian Business and Supporters Passbook. This book contains the offers and specials made available by the participating businesses. Once a customer visits three of the businesses, they will be entered in a prize drawing taking place on June 9 during the festival’s finale event.  

During the week, there will be a number of activities taking place in the community. The festival will kick off with the Asian Art Exhibition Reception which will be held at DeVos Place on June 4. There will also be a number of art exhibits, musical performances and parties all celebrating the Asian Pacific culture in the community. The festival will culminate with a celebration at Rosa Parks Circle on June 9.

Businesses that wish to participate in the event are welcome to do so. Simply email with any special or offers you would like featured during the week and promote the event by sharing it on your web site or social media. A suggested donation is encouraged.

The GR Asian Pacific Festival works to inspire the community, educating its people on the diversity of their neighborhood while boosting the local economy. Residents and businesses are encouraged to do their part by participating in the events offered during this week of activities. Come join in this celebration of unity and the entrepreneurial spirit that makes Grand Rapids great.