Grand Rapids Coffee Crawl

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GRNow presents: The 2nd Annual Grand Rapids Coffee Crawl

A portion of the proceeds goes to Heartside Gleaning Initiative

Friday, April 6th, Saturday, April 7th, and Sunday, April 8th – Pick your day OR buy a weekend pass. 


Try different blends of coffee, tea or alternative beverage from 16+ different coffee shops.*


Grab chocolate covered espresso beans, baked goods, or a treat while on your coffee crawl.


Get to know the baristas and owners of the local coffee shops.


Visit all the coffee shops on the route or just a few. It’s up to you!

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1.) Buy your ticket –
2.) Week of the event, you will receive an email with an interactive map that lists times each coffee shop is open, what samples are offered, and directions to the coffee shop. This email also has The Rapid’s app download link.
3.) Pick the day(s) you want to go – either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday OR purchase a weekend pass. It’s up to you!
***Only 1 sample at each location is permitted during the entire event***
***Please note that the Sunday pass is reduced in cost to reflect the limited Sunday hours of participating coffee shops***

4.) Day of the crawl – You, along with your friends that have bought tickets, will go to as many shops as you’d like at your own pace. Just show your purchase #GRCoffeeCrawl ticket to each shop to receive your sample (either printed or mobile version).
5.) Feel free to take your own car, bike, or just walk to most of the shops.

This crawl is self-paced with NO leader. You are not “crawling” with a big group – just your own friends/family/significant others….unless you make new friends during the #GRCoffeeCrawl and want to “crawl” together 🙂

Students wishing to receive a student discounted ticket will be asked to present their student ID at the first coffee shop on their crawl.

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(1) 4oz sample of coffee or alternative beverages at all coffee shops participating. Offerings depend on each coffee shops so check the listings below.

An electronic map (for your phone) of all participating shops

A donation to Heartside Gleaning Initiative

Participating Coffee Shops: Adding more every day! Check back to see our growing list!

Hours:  > Friday – 6am-9pm  > Saturday – 7am-6pm  > Sunday – 7am-6pm

Offerings:  > Variety of coffee  > Spice Chai

Unique:  GIVEAWAYS + Learn about Heartside Gleaning charity

Corridor Coffee

Hours:  > Friday – 6am-7pm > Saturday – 6am-7pm > Sunday – 6am-7pm

Offerings:  > Rare Seasonal Blend Coffee > Shrubs > Surprise Offering

Unique:  This coffee shop JUST opened!

Jam’n Bean Coffee Company

Hours:  > Friday – 9am-5pm > Saturday – 9am-5pm > Sunday – 9am-5pm

Offerings:  > Steampunk Coffee > Organic Tea

Unique: TBA

Lantern Coffee Bar + Lounge

Hours:  > Friday – 6am-10pm > Saturday – 8am-10pm > Sunday – 8am-10pm

Offerings:  > Ethiopia Guji > Columbia Los Naranjos

Unique:  Cozy coffee shop. Perfect for people watching out of the big windows or having a conversation with friends in the lower level.

Mayan Buzz Cafe

Hours:  > Friday – 6am-7pm > Saturday – 6am-7pm > Sunday – 6am-7pm

Offerings: Choose 2 out of 3 options > Ice Cold Mayan > Lavender Iced Tea > Brewed Central American Coffees

Unique: Mayan Buzz is hosting art by Picardo Art this month and the artist reception is Sunday the 8th, from 1-3 pm so coffee crawlers will be able to chat with the artists.

The Bitter End Coffeehouse

Hours:  > Friday – 24 hours  > Saturday – 24 hours > Sunday – 24 hours

Offerings:  > Bitterend Choice

Unique: TBA

The Sparrows Coffee & Tea & Newsstand

Hours:  > Friday – 6:30am-7pm > Saturday – 8am-9pm > Sunday – 8am-9pm

Offerings:  > Drop Coffee > Housemade Chai Latte

Unique:  Magazines to purchase onsite

GO Java Coffee

Hours:  > Friday – 7am-5pm > Saturday – 9am-5pm > Sunday –  9am-12pm

Offerings:  > Rowster’s Ursa Major Blend > Green Banana Smoothie

Unique: Offers breakfast sandwiches for purchase. They also host local artists monthly.


PaLatte Coffee & Art

Hours:  > Friday – 7am-8pm > Saturday – 8am-7pm > Sunday – 10am-4pm

Offerings:  >  Brew Coffee  > Cortado  > Iced Tea > Activated Charcoal Cocnut Cortado

Unique: TBA

Squibb Coffee & Wine Bar

Hours:  > Friday – 7am-9pm > Saturday – 8am-9pm > Sunday – 9am-6pm

Offerings:  > Golden Tea Latte (turmeric ginger + steamed milk + honey)  > New Orleans style cold brew (cold brew + chicory + milk + sugar)

Unique:  Happy Hour on Friday 4-6pm | 20% off wine by the glass, beer, cider, and all cheese boards

MADCAP (Monroe)

Hours:  > Friday – 10am-3pm > Saturday – 10am-3pm > Sunday – 10am-3pm

Offerings:  > Choose between two different pour over samples

Unique: TBA

MADCAP (Fulton Street)

Hours:  > Friday – 10am-3pm > Saturday – 10am-3pm > Sunday – 10am-3pm

Offerings:  > Your choice between two different nitro cold coffees

Unique: TBA

MADCAP (Downtown Market)

Hours:  > Friday – 10am-3pm > Saturday – 10am-3pm > Sunday – 10am-3pm

Offerings:  > Pour over  > Nitro Coffee

Unique: Located in the Downtown Market so explore all the vendors!

Rower’s Club

Hours:  > Friday – TBA > Saturday – TBA > Sunday -TBA

Offerings:  > Undertow – Signature 4oz shooter

> Batch Brew of the Day – non-dairy, non-sugar

Unique: See the historic piece of the Mackinac bridge turned into the main table.


Ferris Coffee + Nut Co. Westside Location

Hours:  > Friday – 6am-9pm > Saturday – 7am-6pm > Sunday – 7am-6pm

Offerings:  > Nitro Cold Brew > Iced Rosella Tea with house-made Lavender Syrup

Unique: TBA

Ferris Coffee + Nut Co. Trust Building Location

Hours:  > Friday – 7:30am-6pm > Saturday – 9am-4pm > Sunday – CLOSED

Offerings:  > Nitro Cold Brew > Iced Rosella Tea with house-made Lavender Syrup

Unique: TBA

Global Infusion

Hours:  > Friday – 9am-7pm > Saturday –  9am-7pm > Sunday – CLOSED

Offerings:  > Cold Brew Americano (made in-house) > Homemade Chia with Almond Milk

Unique: Coffee and tea shop with lots of extra goodies for purchase.


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Stay tuned for more sponsors…

About Heartside Gleaning Initiative

Heartside Gleaning Initiative (HGI) empowers Heartside and surrounding communities to become healthier through increased access to healthy foods and nutrition education. We do this by collecting excess produce from farmers’ markets and transporting it to the low-income neighborhood of Heartside for distribution to individuals, food pantries and free or low-cost meal programs.


The Heartside community encompasses one of the central districts in the downtown Grand Rapids area. Stretching east for several blocks along the Grand River from Wealthy St. to Fulton St., Heartside contains a diverse collection of parks, residencies, businesses, mixed-use buildings, and commercial and industrial space. Of the 2000+ Heartside neighborhood residents, 51% are below the poverty line, 34% receive Food Stamps/SNAP benefits, 25% are unemployed, and the median household income is a mere $13,495. USDA designates this neighborhood as a low-income, low access food desert.

Disclaimer: No refunds. GRCoffeeCrawl happens rain, snow, or shine. By buying this ticket you are stating that GRNow and all coffee shops are not liabile for caffeine intake and participates are not required to consume anything. Consumption is at the well of the participant/ticket purchaser. Other beverage options are available at certain shops and will be listed on the map once ticket is purchased but GRNow is not required to supply alternative beverages.


Worried about drinking all that coffee?

Don’t! Each drink ticket is for a 2-4 ounce sample coffee, tea, or hot chocolate of the locations choice. You are not required to drink the entire sample and your intake is completely up to you. You are also not required to make a stop at each location. 

Will there be a map? 

Yes! You will receive an email with a map a couple days before the event, way to track your coffee crawl, and how to win our prizes. The “crawl” starts and ends whenever and where ever you’d like.

How do you track our samples? 

We have our ways 🙂

*What if I don’t like coffee? 

Well, it is a coffee crawl BUT some coffee shops will be offering alternative beverages – like homemade sodas, chai, and loose leaf teas. Please see above for the listing of what coffee shops offer what.  Our main focus is coffee so please plan your self-paced crawl accordingly.

Questions? Contact or Facebook message us! 

Disclaimer: No refunds. GRCC happens rain, snow, or shine. Purchase of ticket assumes risk of caffeine intake.

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