Grand Rapids Ranks Number 13 for Best Places in the Country to Live

Photo via Brian McDonald Photography

Grand Rapids continues to put itself on the map and this time around it’s official! U.S. News & World Report has once again voted our city as one of the “best places in the country to live” ranking number 13 on a list of 125 cities.

Grand Rapids has been cited for its support of the artistic community, vibrant scenery, recreational activities, diversity, and  craft brewery scene. Its roots in furniture production make it a hub for employment and it offers affordable housing for families. The many events held in the city make it ripe for building a sense of culture and community in the West Michigan area.

Perhaps the best thing about the city is the people who live there. Despite the thriving businesses that are popping up in the area, the residents still have the small-town hospitality that makes for a warm and friendly hello from almost anyone you pass by.

Looking at statistics, Grand Rapids’ median home price is now at $181,533 and median monthly rent is $826 a month. Average salaries are at $44,770 and the city has a 3.1% unemployment rate.

U.S. News analyzed 125 of the most populous metro areas and rated them based on desirability, value, quality of life and net migration. Grand Rapids ranked 13th based on its affordability and the pleasant atmosphere it can offer the people who live there. This is just another reason we can all be proud to call this city home.