#GRANDNEW | Amped Reality Takes Grand Rapids Entertainment to the Next Level

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Have you ever wanted to go to space? Or immerse your body into your favorite video game? Not only is new technology making that possible, but you don’t have to travel far to get these types of experiences. Amped Reality is bringing it right to Grand Rapids with their virtual reality experience center!

Date Opening | Open Now

Location | 2923 28th St. SE by Woodland Mall

Hours | M – Th 10AM – 10PM | F & Sa 10AM – Midnight | Su 12PM – 6PM

What To Expect

Amped Reality offers a wide variety of games that can put you in a virtual reality experience. Select the game you want to play and put on your VR (virtual reality) mask to find yourself in the middle of a Spiderman Marvel adventure or underwater fantasy world.

The games the facility offers will be both fun and educational. If you want an experience that is high on the fun factor, you can try their Beat Saber or Minecraft game. More educational options include job simulations, painting in 3D, Google Earth exploration and more. 

Amped Reality takes the educational component to the next level with their Amped Reality Go. This is an education system that allows students and teachers to swim with sharks, explore outer space, visit a museum and go inside the human body – all without leaving the classroom.

In-house guests can customize their experience by choosing to go to the Action Zone or the Adventure Zone – both of which are located within the facility. The Action Zone is for those who want to stay active during their experience and the Adventure Zone is meant for those who would rather sit down and enjoy.

Events & Memberships 

Amped Reality is a great place for a birthday party or corporate event. There are several group packages available that include food, drinks and plenty of fun time. Some packages even come complementary with membership.

Speaking of memberships, this is another option for hardcore VR fans. There are different tiers of membership, but all members can look forward to souvenirs, discounts and access to special events. 

The special events Amped Reality has planned out of this world experiences that cater to children of all ages. Their Middle School Virtual Reality Glow Party and a High School Virtual Reality Glow Party will take place on the first Friday and Saturday nights of each month. The parties include food, drink and plenty of VR fun. 

Amped Reality also provides services for those with limited mobility. If you have limited functionality, talk to their helpful staff to find out about the experiences that you can try. 

If you would like VR in your home, Amped Reality can help you there as well. They can build a full VR system in your home. They will provide you with information to find out the best machines and games to invest in. Just call 616-608-5508 for more information. Prices on systems start at $6500.

The Future of Amped Reality

Amped Reality is a family owned business by Greg Wander, along with his sons Trevor and Hunter and wife Melissa. They have relocated from the East Side of the state to bring this interactive concept to Grand Rapids. 

Wander says his new endeavor is “just scratching the surface” in providing games that truly make you feel as if you are immersed in the experience. He hopes to be able to expand with new locations in the future. 

Those who have visited the facility in advance have nothing but positive things to say. They are raving about the second to none experience Amped Reality provides as well as their knowledgeable and friendly staff. 

Those interested in finding out more about the Amped Reality experience can do so by sampling the VR equipment currently at the Woodland Mall. 

Be sure to enter Amped Reality’s giveaway to win free VR for a year. Start by joining their email list by texting the word ‘AMPEDREALITY’ to 22828 for three free entries. Receive an additional two free entries by sharing this Facebook Post and one more additional entry by tagging three friends who might also want the chance to win. Follow Amped Reality on Instagram for additional ways to enter. 

Amped Reality is sure to take Grand Rapids entertainment to the next level!

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