GR{KNOW} | 12 Things To Do At Home While Social Distancing in Grand Rapids


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Social Distancing. Quarantine & Chill. Wash Your Hands. Not only are these buzz worthy topics, but also our “new normal” way of living for the time being. With Grand Rapids and pretty much the entire world being at a standstill, you may start to wonder – what am I going to do in my home indefinitely? As always, we’re here to keep you in the GR{KNOW} with some suggestions. Read on to find out what you can do from inside of your Grand Rapids home while social distancing. 

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1. Delivery and Takeout

The world might be shutting down, but there are still plenty of restaurants offering delivery and takeout services. With a heavy restaurant scene in Grand Rapids, there’s no way we can mention them all in one article. Some helpful resources that are spotlighting local delivery and takeout options – the @gr_support_local Instagram account, FoodGR, EatGR, Local First of West Michigan, and a comprehensive list with a map on Experience GR‘s website. Of course, always check out Yelp, too. 

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2. Local Libraries

Libraries may be closing in the area, but there are still online resources for digital downloads, music and kid’s content. Be sure to visit the Kent District Library online and use your library card for access. If you don’t currently have a library card, Grand Rapids public library is offering temporary e-cards to Grand Rapids residents over 18 years old. 

3. Board Games

Many families are home together during this time of social distancing. Get nostalgic and bust out your favorite games. Blue Bridge Games has a wide selection of board games to purchase or rent for overnight play. 

4. Watch Movies aka “Couchella”

Now is a great time to get caught up on those movies you always wanted to see. WFGR has a list of 11 movies that were filmed right here in Grand Rapids. Enjoy the entertainment while searching for local spots you recognize. 

Already watched all 11 GR movies? Netflix is offering a way to get social with your viewing by way of stream sharing via Netflix Party.

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5. Shop Locally Online

With spring just around the corner, your passion for fashion doesn’t have to stop. There are plenty of online shops that have great merchandise, many of which are local to the Grand Rapids area. Who say’s you can’t stay chic from the comfort of your own couch. Here are a few local boutiques to shop athleisure looks online.

Covet Leisure | It’s in the name! This online shop spotlights affordable athleisure wear for everyBODY. They are currently offering a price point of $30 and under, along with free shipping for the foreseeable future.

Dear Prudence | A women’s boutique that has comfy stay at home looks as well as dressier pieces you can look forward to stepping out in when all of this is over! Be sure to tune into their Instagram Stories. They are featuring store tours and new arrivals each day.

To & Fro | Their boutique is located in Ada with activewear perfect for kicking it around the house. Their clothes are comfortable and easy to wear making them perfect for working out, doing chores or curling up with a good book. They are currently accepting phone orders, online purchases, walk-ins and curbside pick up.

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6. Perfect Your Fitness Routine

You may not be able to visit to your local gym, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a good sweat sesh in. Many boutique fitness centers in the area are offering unique ways to workout from home.

AM Yoga | Every day at 9AM, AM Yoga is offering a LIVE “flow session” on Facebook. This is an amazing opportunity to stay connected with the community, learn more about what AM Yoga is all about and prioritize self care.

Barre Code Grand Rapids | To keep the fitness routine going, Barre Code GR has a 30-day digital challenge called TBC & Chill. This includes daily guided workouts and access to 80+ online classes. If you’re already a member, you have access. If you’d like to learn more on how to join, contact Barre Code GR via Instagram.

Motive Training | Motive Training currently has over 100 clients signed up for their at-home workout program. Due to the demand, they are offering customized 4-week online programs with a $25 donation.

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7. Hiking

If cabin fever is already hitting you, Grand Rapids has plenty of hiking trails that can provide scenic views and some much-needed exercise. Find out about the best locations to hike by joining the  GR Hiker Gals Facebook group or the North Country Trail web site. 

8. Self Care

Local spas and salons are getting savvy. They know we can’t physically be there, but still want to make sure self care is a priority. Chasing Vanity Salon & Medi Spa is offering gift certificates for purchase online. Buyers will receive an extra $10 with a purchase of $50 or more. Curbside pick-up is also available for self care kits to perfect your at home facials.

9. Get Your Geek On & Check out a Museum

We all love to get artsy and stroll through museums. Luckily, the Grand Rapids Art Museum got the geek message and has started the “Explore the #MuseumFromHome” initiative via their social media channels. Even though they will be closed for the time being, we can still follow along to see the artwork displayed inside in the meantime.

Frederik Meijer Gardens has recently added Virtual Visits on Facebook. Now LIVE are a book reading of “the Tale of Peter Rabbit.” and a tour of the Log Cabin in the Lena Meijer Children’s Garden.

10. Virtual Hangouts

Try Facetiming , Zoom, Google Hangouts, or even Facebook messengers option. We are a quaren-team during this time, so don’t forget to visually hangout with your crew. We’ve already been invited to mutiple vitural happy hours. Get creative!

11. Live-Streamed Music aka “Quarntunes”

All concerts might be canceled for the forseeable future but that doesnt mean you have to stop supporting local artists.  Local Spins has a great resouce “Viral Virtual Venues” calendar where you can find a list of bands live-streaming shows. Dont’ forget to give to the “online tip jars.”

Also, check out our partnership with @GrandRapidsLive on Instagram. They will be live streaming concerts featuring local artists, musicians and comedians. Stay tuned in to GRNOW for more details.

12. Connect via Social Media

Fortunately, social distancing doesn’t apply to social media. At this time, you should be going online and connecting with people to counter any loneliness that might set in. 

One of our favorite social media platforms is Tik Tok showcase its users’ talent through a short video medium. The great thing about TikTok is you don’t have to commit to creating an account to join in on all of the fun. A few of our favorite local TikTokers include Mi Playground, CURRENTLY Kherington, and Ferris Coffee

There are plenty of things you can do to keep your spirits up while you are inside to put a smile on your face during this time of social distancing. How will you be spending your days these next few weeks?