GR{KNOW} | 13th Annual Grand Rapids Legacy Luncheon Returns to Grand Rapids


The 13th Annual Grand Rapids Legacy Luncheon will be taking place on Tuesday, February 25 from 11:30 AM to 1 PM at the New Hope Baptist Church. This is an important event that brings together a diverse group of business professionals who volunteer their time to promote positive examples of Michigan’s African American community and the importance of African American History. 

Community leaders, corporations, schools and individuals support the event with sponsorship and donations. Over the past 12 years, The Grand Rapids Legacy Committee, has raised over $115,000 in scholarship and funding to black non-profit organizations. 

In addition to raising awareness and funding while creating scholarship opportunities, here are some other things the committee has made possible over the last few years.

  • Honoring community leaders and business partners that make a difference
  • Encouraging local communities to actively participate in the Black History Month theme, ‘Black History is everybody’s history’
  • Joining with minority owned businesses to make the luncheon a continued success
  • Encouraging networking among local businesses

While the committee helps local businesses, it also focuses on the youth – the up and coming generation of entrepreneurs. This is done by raising money for scholarships and encouraging students to work hands on. The Grand Rapids event is produced with local high school students’ participation.


Formerly known as the Legacy Ball, the Legacy Luncheon has established an esteemed reputation over the years. The events have been graced by high profile speakers that have inspired everyone who supports this important cause. In 2019, the keynote speaker was Vera Bumpers, the First Woman Chief Houston METRO Police Department and 42nd President of National Organization of Black Executives. The year before that, Emmy Award winning journalist and television personality Shannon Lanier had the same honor. 

The success of the luncheon has caused it to spread beyond the Grand Rapids community and, as a result, it has been held in Kalamazoo for the past 7 years. The 8th Annual Kalamazoo Legacy Luncheon will be taking place on Monday, February 24 at the Kalamazoo Institute of the Arts from 11:30AM to 1 PM. This will be a terrific opportunity for professionals in the community to come together and raise funding and awareness for the Committee’s cause. 

This year the Kalamazoo luncheon will welcome keynote speaker Fenorris Pearson, the CEO and chairman of Pursuit of Hope, LLC. He’s also a bestselling author, innovator and capital expert. He is one of the few people to become a Vice President of two Fortune 100 companies before he reached the age of 40. 

Both the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo luncheons will include an exciting feature called ‘The Legacy Black Business Pitch’. The Committee will be selecting three black business owners to make a business pitch at the event. The finalists will be eligible to win up to $1500 in cash and prizes.

If you wish to attend either of these events, tickets can be purchased on EventBrite at the following links: 

Grand Rapids

In addition to a great lunch and a meaningful experience, all guests will leave with a complementary souvenir and event booklet. The luncheons are informative events which offer networking opportunities that can’t be missed. Be sure to secure your spot and purchase your ticket today.