GR{KNOW} | Five Restaurants to Try This Weekend


Whether brand new concepts, new menus, or newly back as part of the takeout scene, here are some #GrandNew options to check out

Photo courtesy of Linear Restaurant / Ghost Kitchen To Go

It can be even harder to keep up with all of the restaurant goings-on now than it ever was before. Who’s open? Who has curbside? Can I order online or get it delivered? These questions can quickly turn the routine “What do you want for dinner?” from an exciting prospect to a daunting undertaking. Remember the “Master of None” episode where Dev (Aziz Ansari) and his pal Arnold seek out the best spot for tacos in NYC, only to get caught in a research-induced wave of indecision? And once they finally do choose where they want to eat, it was sold out? Yea, it’s kind of like that, only COVID edition.

That’s why we’ve got you covered. Look no further than the latest now-available options to mix up your nearly-summer weekend to-go orders: all you have to do is pick your preference (from the shortlist, don’t overthink it!) and find a spot in the shade or sun to enjoy.

1. Pronto Pasta — If you thought New Hotel Mertens could only dish out French fare, think again. If they hadn’t sold you on their range with the opening of 9th Street Steaks, they’re back at it with to-go pastas two ways: ready to eat or ready to cook. Pronto! (via GrubHub)

Photo courtesy of NHM/Pronto Pasta

2. The Littlebird — A little birdie told me….oh wait, that’s kind of corny. Suffice to say we’re happy to have heard a peep from this joint that it was ready to rock just in time for Memorial Day weekend with burgers to go. I’m eyeing the Kimcheese Burger (drool), but can’t get the the Soft Shell Crabwich out of my head (sorry folks, that midweek special came and went: I missed the boat, too. Maybe we can hope for an encore?). Delivery and curbside pick-up available.

Photo courtesy of The Littlebird

3. Reserve — Reserve re-opened its doors for takeout in mid-May. Its first pop-up featured delicious burgers with house-made brioche and Dutch crunch buns. I’m still thinking about those Pebble Creek mushrooms. But pop-up menus by design don’t last long, and they’re onto the next: pastas to go. Snag some seafood linguine (my choice) or a five-cheese mac — if that’s more your thing — while you can: menu available thru June 6, with delivery and curbside pick-up options.

Photo courtesy of Reserve

4. Ghost Kitchen To-go — Linear’s new takeout concept has a bit of variety to round out the pasta and burger choices listed here. From noodles to paninis, they have something for everyone. I am dying to try the fried chicken sandwich myself (*adds to weekend lineup*), but the shrimp and grits special today has now piqued my interest. If that’s the toughest decision I have to make this weekend, I’ll be a happy camper. Order online here.

Photo courtesy of Linear Restaurant / Ghost Kitchen To Go

5. Royals —Who could forget about brunch? Perhaps the most limited in takeout options (and one of the most sorely missed weekend activities, in my opinion), Royals wants to serve your eggs-and-pancakes cravings. Now open for breakfast and lunch (as of Wednesday, May 27), this #grandnew option is a welcome introduction to your rotation…especially since its much-awaited grand opening in March got foiled by COVID in the first place. Order online here.

Wishing you a safe and sunny weekend, with lots of satisfying food.

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