ICE NINE KILLS @ The Elevation 3.29.19


Macabre loving band, Ice Nine Kills, a theatrical Metalcore band fronted by 33-year-old Spencer Charnas performed recently at The Intersection venue, Elevation. Rounding out the rest of the act are Ricky Armellino on guitar and vocals, Joe Occhiuti on bass, and Justin deBlieck on guitar. The band, also known by the acronym INK are best known for their love of all things horror-related, which is reflected in their newest album, The Silver Scream. Many of the songs are based on horror movie classics. Before the show, I was able to sit down with Spencer to chat about the album.  

SC: The Silver Scream is based on all horror movies, what was the inspiration/push behind the theme? And why did you decide to do an entire album based on horror?

Spencer: Horror’s always been an influence in the band and I thought it was time for it to not take a sideline kind of mentality and go full force with it. (I’ve) always wanted to do it, it’s something that seemed like a fun idea and fun project to work on.

SC: What mediums would you look to be inspired by for future albums since you have done books and now movies?

Spencer: I’m not really sure, I mean I got some ideas but I kinda want to keep it secret.

SC: If you were making a satire album making fun of the worst of the worst, what horror movie(s) would you pick?

Spencer: The Last Exorcism, it was terrible.  

SC: You perform in costumes every night, what is the hardest part about that?

Spencer: Having the makeup stay on.

SC: What was the worst stage costume that you had thought was a good idea but ended up regretting it?

Spencer: The costume thing is kinda new to me, I have no regrets.

SC: What’s your favorite costume you’ve performed in?

Spencer: I think this current one the Freddy vs Jason.

SC: What was the hardest and easiest song to write for The Silver Scream?

Spencer: Hardest one would be “Stabbing in The Dark”, and the easiest one would be “A Grave Mistake”.

SC: What was your favorite song to write?

Spencer: Probably “It Is The End”.

SC: What were you doing during the process of writing The Silver Scream?

Spencer: I tried to have the movies running in the background when I was writing the lyrics.

SC: With Warped Tour recently coming to a close, I know you guys used to tour on it quite a bit, anything you learned, or any ways that you found your band grew from doing the tour that you think new bands may miss out on with it no longer existing?

Spencer: I think the advantage to Warped Tour is that there are so many different bands and so many different styles bringing different people to the tour, so you get to expose your band to people who may have never heard the band, otherwise, just because they were going to see one of the other bands they liked walking past that stage and maybe being turned on to other music.  

SC: Are there any album/songs you wish you had never released?

Spencer: I don’t really like “Safe Is Just A Shadow”, that the whole album is just kinda meh to me.


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