Improvements to the Look of Huff Park Call for a Scavenger Hunt!

The City of Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Department is constantly working to make the city safer and more attractive. Recently, the organization has made improvements to the boardwalk at Huff Park. To celebrate, the city will be holding a scavenger hunt this Friday, July 13. This will give locals an opportunity to explore the boardwalk while children can engage in a fun activity.

Credit: Erhardt Construction

The recent improvements were made possible due to the voter passed 2013 Parks Millage with support from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Funds. The millage will provide repair and rehab and upgrade a number of parks, pools and playgrounds in Grand Rapids. For a list of improvements happening in your area, you can check out the City of Grand Rapids web site.

The web site also gives residents the opportunity to submit ideas for park improvement and to keep up with community meetings happening in the area.

The Huff Park boardwalk was once an unsafe area, with missing boards and drying shrubbery. The city has brought new life into the area, providing lush greenery and creating a great place for residents to walk and children to play. Come down Friday to check out the recent improvements and follow the City of Grand Rapids web site to find out more about how officials are working to make the city a better place to live.