Lines-The Lived Experience of Race to Show at the Mars Hill Bible Church Oct. 25 & 26

Julianne Howe-Bowens

Photo courtesy of the Rapidian

The Fair Housing Act is a federal act in the United States created to protect home buyers or renters from discrimination by a seller or landlord. It was created in 1968, and, so many years later, it may be difficult to imagine how life would be without it. However, it is important to reflect on the developments that have made America great. That’s why the showing of ‘Lines-The Lived Experience of Race’ is such an important event for the Grand Rapids area.

‘Lines-The Lived Experience of Race’ is a play that will be showing on October 25 and 26 at the Mars Hill Bible Church. Tickets can be purchased at the following link.

Michael Travis and Edye Evans HydePhoto courtesy of the Rapidian

The 25th showing will be a dinner and theater event, while the 26th will be a theater production only. Both plays will be followed by a short discussion where members of the community can talk about the relevant steps needed to be taken moving forward.

The play is being produced by the Ebony Road Players with Edye Hyde at the helm and directed by Emily Wetzel. The storyline will focus on Grand Rapids and is inspired by interviews of local residents who have been affected by the Fair Housing Act. It promises to be an emotional experience for all that participate.

The cast reenacts an Institute for Healing Racism simulation that illustrates dividing lines between races.

Photo courtesy of the Rapidian

The Fair Housing Act is an important development in American history and this play is intended to raise awareness on how it touched the Grand Rapids community. We are hoping you take the time to attend this important event.