New Business in Grand Rapids as A Result of a BRA Grant

Grand Rapids will be seeing some exciting new business in the Grand Rapids community. The North Restaurant and MASH Bar and Lounge will be opening to take the place of the former Red Lion. This is an important development that is being made possible by a $33,000 grant awarded to the City of Brownfield Redevelopment Authority. Find out more about this progressive move and what residents can expect as a result of this growth.

The grant awarded to the BRA was recently approved by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. It will include demolition of the existing building and go towards care, transportation and disposal of contaminated soil at the property.

Once the Red Lion is demolished, a new five story, 40,000 square foot structure will be erected that will feature the North Restaurant and MASH bar and lounge on its first floor. Thanks to the efforts of the Michigan Community Capital, 30 percent of the other units will be used to house income restricted residents.

In addition to providing housing to those in need, the project will create 20 full time jobs and 35 part time jobs to the community, with wages ranging from $15-30 per hours. It will also make creative use of a vacant lot and serve to make the city a more attractive hub of activity.

Though there is, as of yet, no timeline as to when this project will be completed, there is no doubt that it will be a welcome addition to the Grand Rapids area. Creating jobs, housing and an economic boom in the area will clearly have a positive impact on the neighborhood. We look forward to this improvement to the community and hope there are more like it to come.