New Live Entertainment Series at Historical Site on WestSide of GR


Sullivan Field – nestled in a neighborhood on the WestSide of Grand Rapids – was opened in 1937, as Valley Field (it was renamed in 1996 after local businessman and philanthropist Bob Sullivan – who also excelled at playing baseball and managing teams).

Historically used almost exclusively for baseball, the ballpark is now being activated for other events – and will be renovated soon, by the City of Grand Rapids – as a result of a recent tax millage which benefits city parks. A new non-profit group – Fans of Valley Field – has been working with the city on events and ideas for the park. This video helps explain the effort that is underway.

The facebook group of the same name has well over 2000 members, and continues to grow. 

There’s been a groundswell of interest and nostalgia with the ballpark, with a multitude of volunteers cooperating with the city to help elevate it to its former status. Many events have been held there recently, such as a kids’ Junior Home Run Derby – a Pitch, Hit and Run competition – and an adult Home Run Derby and All Star Game. There have also been a few small concerts.

Starting on August 6th – there will be concerts and other entertainment on every Friday evening until late October. These events are coordinated by Pik-Nik – a local company. See events here

“Our love for parks joins our love for music with our Pik-Nik summer concert series at the historic baseball field, Sullivan Field. Our concerts are teaming up with Fans of Valley Field where we will be donating a portion of all proceeds to help their goal of renovation. We couldn’t have asked for a better location with Sullivan Field and are looking forward to making our concert series a staple of the field!“  via Pik-Nik

On September 3rd – the inaugural Ballpark Jam will take place – featuring the outstanding Michigan-based band – Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit


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