“Opening Soon”: A sign of the times on Wealthy Street

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Wealthy Street has built a reputation in the past 10 years as a food and drink destination, with over 40 new businesses that didn’t exist a decade ago.

But if you haven’t been on Wealthy Street lately, you’ve missed its recent explosion of retail stores, with a slew in the process of opening soon; many in time for the holiday season.

So let’s take a walk this morning, work off that Thanksgiving feast, and see what’s going on.

A mural by local artist Eric Picardo adorns the Wealthy Street Animal Hospital at 1052 Wealthy.

Chef Lewis Williams of LINC and Darel Ross II are opening Forty Acres, a soul food kitchen, in a new mixed use development at 1059 Wealthy Street.


At 750 Wealthy Street near the corner of Wealthy and Eastern, Nicole Gregory and Barbara Homier are in process of opening their second location of Urban You – “a beauty bar and medical spa.” . Their first location on the East Beltline has been a runaway success according to its owners, and they’re ready to expand (watch for an article here in GRNow soon).

At 746 Wealthy, Dynamic Essence Chiropractic Center has rescued a building that had become structurally unsound, essentially only able to retain the historic facade.

At 738 Wealthy, Woosah Outfitters is relocating from its South Division storefront to a space that was previously owned by Wealthy at Charles, whose owners retired recently.

At 724 Wealthy, work continues on the new location of Georgina’s of Traverse City, which we broke the news to you on GRNow back in January.


One of this writer’s favorite facades at 714 Wealthy Street

At 713 Wealthy Street, Megan Radar of Kula Yoga and Jessica Geerling of Wanderlux Beauty are teaming up to open a joint location in this old house/retail space next to Johnny B’z.

At 656 Wealthy, Dime & Regal has opened in a newly renovated space in a building owned by Terra Firma Development

The space next door to Dime & Regal is also available but we don’t imagine it will be very long before it’s occupied.

At 638 Wealthy, not “brand new” but fairly new Mokaya artisan chocolate and confections is a must stop along our walk

Next door, Lamb Bride is a great stop for those “soon to be married,” a bohemian event space opened by local photographer Alyssa McElheny.

Next door to Lamb Bride, you’ll get an injection of rugged masculinity at Rusty Zylstra’s Mercy Supply Company at 634 Wealthy Street.


One of the most exciting recent projects is the recent purchase of 619 Wealthy Street by Terra Firma Development, which has changed hands a few times in the last few years but is now ready for renovation. Terra Firma owner Eric Wynsma plans to open 5 retail spaces totaling 4000 square feet.

Lastly, back at the other end of Wealthy Street where we began our journey, we hear that Poke Shop will be opening soon at 1146 Wealthy.


The ever popular Uptown Shop Hop will feature many retailers on Wealthy Street, as well as shuttle buses, carolers, special offers, and much more,  coming up on December 7th.

Don’t forget that urban retail districts are not like the malls, so parking is at a premium. Drive with a friend, take the bus, or be prepared to park and walk a ways. It’s good for you anyway, with all of that holiday eating you’re going to be doing!


Jeff Hill is a contributor to GRNow and a development and economics junkie who likes to keep his finger on the pulse of what’s next for Grand Rapids. You can email him feedback or insider story ideas to grjeff@gmail.com.

  • www.themortongr.com