The Pasta Fresca makes a comeback!


Thanks to popular demand, Noodles brings back an old fan favorite. Grand Rapids-based Pasta Per Trio, the Michigan franchisee of Noodles & Company, announces the return of its longtime fan-favorite dish, Pasta Fresca. Just in time for summer, this light and flavorful Noodles dish became a permanent part of the menu on Wednesday, May 3rd, at all 21 Pasta Per Trio-owned Noodles & Company locations. Pasta Per Trio operates 3 Noodles & Company locations in Grand Rapids (East Beltline, 28th Street and Rivertown Parkway).

After a four-year hiatus and thousands of requests from customers, Pasta Fresca returns to its original recipe roots, featuring flavorful balsamic, olive oil and roasted garlic over penne pasta, tossed with fresh tomato and spinach and finished with Parmesan cheese.

“We listened to our guests, and as the saying goes, the customer is always right – you simply can’t mess with a good thing. And we don’t just have a good thing in the return of Pasta Fresca, we have a great thing,” said Tom Shepard, vice president of Pasta Per Trio. “From its high-quality, great-tasting ingredients to its passionate following among our loyal guests, we’re excited to put Pasta Fresca back on our permanent menu.”

Noodles & Company offers guests familiar and global flavors from around the world. Each dish is carefully handmade to guests’ specifications, using only the freshest ingredients, including 14 fresh vegetables that are prepped throughout the day along with other high-quality ingredients including cage-free eggs; organic milk and tofu; and naturally raised pork, including bacon and meatballs. Whether you’re stopping in  for a quick bite or coming to sit and relax, both Noodles & Company and Pasta Per Trio work to serve you the best dishes of the highest quality.

We cannot wait to get in and eat the Pasta Fresca again! Thanks Noodles!

For more information on Pasta Fresca, Noodles & Company or to find a location near you, visit their site here!